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May 21, 2007 05:53 AM

Any Dorset recs?

Am heading to Dorset for a long weekend in a few weeks. Staying in Bournemouth, but will have a car and am planning to drive around, so anywhere within an hour or so of there may be fair game. We're already considering the Fox, but are wondering where else we should consider eating. Any thoughts?

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  1. if you want to go 'upscale' then this is supposed to be very good. ive never been though, so i cant vouch for it.

    its about 25-30 mins drive from Bournemouth, on the edge of the New Forest.

    1. Try the Riverside restaurant in West Bay - a lovely fish restaurant looking over the harbour.

      Also, in Weymouth, there's a place we wnt to some years ago which has now changed hands, but is apparently still doing great thing with crab, lobster and prawns - see this link:

      If they are still doing the prawns in taragon butter, have them ...

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