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May 21, 2007 05:45 AM

Ottawa dim sum

We'll be spending a week in Ottawa next month and would like to find a place with good dim sum (on carts, please, not from a menu). There are some interesting ideas in the posts here, but most are over a year old and I'd like some current suggestions.

While you're at it, feel free to offer other ideas on good places to eat--not just Chinese or Asian. Good food is good food, no matter what the cuisine.

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  1. We haven't had dim sum for a quite a while and this weekend our friend suggested going... so we went to Chu Shing on Somerset W. I remember it to be decent - but this time it really wasn't good. Some of the little dishes are luke warm... and they manage to all taste the same.

    If little plates are what you are interested at, I would recommend a tapas place called A'roma Meze at 239 Nepean Street. Wonderful!

    Whalesbone is known as an oyster bar - and they do have great oysters if you like them - but it's so much more than just oysters!! Chef Stephen Vardy can prepare a mean sashimi platter - and the lobster is absolutely to die for.

    1. For dim sum, I'd say the best place would be Tianrun Beijing Restaurant on Bank St. South. A little more expensive than the average but you get a much better quality. I also find they've got more variety and some interesting dishes, like steamed fish fillets with bamboo shoots wrapped in nappa cabbage, chiu chow steamed dumplings, etc. If you end up going, try their cheung fun (rice rolls) because they've got a fantastic soft silky texture. They don't take reservations so try to get there a bit earlier on the weekends. I think they also serve dimsum 7 days a week.