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May 20, 2007 11:20 PM

Punny Foods

Every week, in the music building at UC Santa Cruz, we have Vegan Wednesday. We always go with some sort of theme for the potluck contributions, be it the shape of the food, the national origin of the cuisine, or some other unifying factor.

This week's theme is Food Puns. Anyone have good ideas? My friends and I have brainstormed a few, one being Toefood, i.e. some sort of tofu dish that resembles toes . . . Deviled seitan, anyone?

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  1. Devil some firm tofu to your taste (curry would be good), form to your toe theme. Use pink-tinted gari to sheath the molded forms (knuckles and the like), and insert slivered almonds (size-appropriate) for toenails. Dab with color (the toenails) as you see fit...maybe cherry juice as dye, or pomegranate.

    Sounds like a fun group!