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May 20, 2007 10:58 PM

Where to find farro and Italian black rice in South Bay?

On a Home Cooking thread, Rubee mentioned farro and Italian black rice used in a recipe by Suzanne Goin of LA. I've not had either but now am intent on hunting some down locally instead of mail ordering. I'm thinking that one of the Italian markets in San Jose might carry both products, but I've never been to any of them. My prospective targets are listed below, so any confirmation or additions is greatly appreciated. I'll probably call these places to confirm, but just thought I'd tap into houndly wisdom too.

AG Ferrari

In searching on CH, I also came across a couple of old school Italian delis that sound great for meatball subs, ravioli, etc. Any recent news on Paradiso, Antipasto's, or La Villa? I had great fun on my SJ Middle Eastern food tour (linked below) and will have to do the same for Italian!

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  1. I am watching this with interest since Italian black rice is very difficult to find, either on the internet or locally. Boulette's Larder had the black rice (and farro) but seems to have run out of the black rice. (I really didn't look at the farro.) Several internet suppliers indicated that they had it and then sent emails saying they were out. One supplier called me and indicated that they could not sell enough of it to keep it in stock. Good luck.

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      Did you try Surfas' online shop? Surfas is a great store in LA. That's where Rubee said she got both products (see links). I didn't realize that Italian black rice was so hard to find, but I'll call the stores above to see if they carry any...

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        The black rice is back on the Boulette's Larder website, so I'm assuming they have it again.

      2. I don't know about the South Bay, but in Berkeley I've seen farro several places... Berkeley Bowl, Pasta Shop, and I'm pretty sure Whole Foods. Haven't seen Italian black rice (but then again, I never looked for it), but here's an online source:

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          I bought it from them two weeks ago. They had one package at the time. The Asian black rices are fairly easy to find and as you note, the farro is available.

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            Whole Foods does indeed stock farro (or at least the one on 4th St in SF does). As with most everything else, it's a bit pricey there. If you happen to come to the city, the best price is probably at Rainbow Grocery.

          2. AG Ferrari has farro. I've never seen Italian black rice.

            1. When I made that recipe I couldn't find Italian black rice *anywhere*. So I purchased Asian black rice at Rainbow in SF. The dish was pretty fabulous and I'm not sure what the Italian black rice has going for it that's missing in the Asian. If I ever see the Italian I'll pick some up and try it again, but I didn't notice anything sub-par with the other rice. Good luck on your quest and please post if you find any black rice!

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                Thanks everyone! Yep, I figure I'll just buy the non-glutinous Asian stuff if I can't find the Italian variety easily enough. I take pleasure from searching for these ingredients since they always lead to wonderful restaurant and retail discoveries...I'll update you guys on what I find.

              2. I bought farro at the Piedmont Grocery in Oakland recently. I'm pretty sure they have black rice too. I bought the farro with the intent of making one of the Suzanne Goin recipes, but haven't done so yet.