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May 20, 2007 10:53 PM

Havre aux Glaces: the thread

A thread for discussing the city's current best ice cream maker, its outlets at Jean-Talon and Atwater markets and its constantly changing offer.

The Sicilian blood orange sherbet is finished until next spring, and more's the pity. Four new flavours were printed on the blackboard at JTM today. I tried two. The choco-tangerine sherbet is subtle, soft and lovely. The strawberry and fresh cheese sherbet comes with a surprise: a lingering tingle from Szechuan peppercorns. Tempered for ten or 15 minutes in the fridge before serving, it's simply superb, tasting of real fruit and with each of the flavours simultaneously distinguishable and yet perfectly melded. One of their best efforts to date (and that's saying something).

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  1. I haven't been to Havre aus Glaces yet. However, I was just at Biblioquet, the artisan ice cream maker, on Sherbrooke in Westmount on Monday. Two scoops cost $3.60, if memory serves. I had a scoop of mango sorbet and litchi sorbet. Both were quite good and tasted like mango and litchi. The litchi one was particularly good, and it felt like I was biting into an ice cold litchi.

    1. I went for the first time last Saturday and my S.O. and I immediately understood why it's so universally recommended. We tried Lemon, Grapefruit, Chai Masala, Raspberry, Ginger, and Chestnut. The chestnut was dissapointing, in that it just tasted sweet and unidentifiable to us, but everything else was delicious. So 5/6 for our tastebuds so far. And at $3.25 for 3 flavours (medium cup), it's a very affordable market treat.

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        I was at JTM last week-end to get my summer mango fix. While there, I stopped by Harve aux Glaces and had their mango sorbet (I've got mangoes on the brain, lately) and their pineapple sorbet. The mango was scrumptious; soft, sweet, infused with mango flavour. The pineapple one was a bit of a disappointment. It was good, don't get me wrong; but next to the mango, it came off as lackluster, a bit puckish and tangy due to the pineapple acidity and wasn't as sweet as I would have liked.

      2. The two new flavours I've had are the Caramel Brulé which tasted too much like brulé and not enough like caramel, and the Orange Sanguine which I tought was very good.

        1. Too bad the blood orange has run out. It is amazing! Especially paired with black currant sorbet. Mmmm!

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            Well, the blood orange will be back next spring. Something to look forward to. To their credit, they make it only with fresh Tarocco oranges from Sicily, not the inferior Moro variety imported from California/Florida. It never occurred to me to pair it with the cassis sherbet but will do so next year. One of the owners once insisted I try the cassis sherbet with the vanilla ice cream: now there's a marriage made in heaven.

            1. re: carswell

              Now I know what I'm ordering this weekend!

              1. re: mainsqueeze

                I was at the Harve aux Glaces in Atwater Market yesterday. Had the strawberry cheese pepper sorbet and the pear cider sorbet. Absolutely amazing, they both were. Carswell was right, the strawberry cheese pepper sorbet is really something quite special. However, the pear and cider sorbet was equally as good if not better, imo. The pear flavour was immediate apparent and distinct from the first bite, but it was softened and accented by the cider. A very tasty sorbet, indeed. I highly recommend it.

                1. re: Chai Latte

                  I agree that the pear and cider sorbet is delightful. I paired it with the hazelnut ice cream and for a moment, thought I finally understood what true ice cream bliss really was...

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                    I was at the JTL Sunday and tried the pear and cider sorbet which indeed was nice; I paired it with the totally different chocolate and cherry sorbet -- very nice in its own low-key way. Actually what I liked best were the two spoonfuls I had of my companion's ginger sorbet -- definitely ginger, but just exactly the right intensity for my tastes.

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                    I prefered the poire-porto sorbet they had last year.

            2. Was at the JT Market on Saturday and tried the choco-tangerine (delish!), grapefruit (just like the real thing!), and marsala chai (not exactly a summery flavour). Line up was out the door so they are definately doing something right!