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May 20, 2007 10:49 PM

Go's Mart Review with Pictures

I came here after a food binge including Cyrus and French Laundry and I was looking for a nice light dinner to round out the weekend.

My friends and I came at 5:30 since we wanted to get home at a reasonable time. Naturally we did the omakase with standout courses like sweet shrimp and king crab with uni; flounder sashimi; live scallop and uni; abalone; and shirako. Each and every dish was delicious. This place also has traditional luxuries like toro and Kobe beef. One warning: Go-san tends to add truffle oil to a lot of his dishes.

Some items on the menu reflect Go-san's quirky humor like the Holy Cow or the oddly (aptly?) named Stupid Roll because as Go-san says "I'm Stupid!"

This is definitely a restaurant that caters to a regular audience, aside from us, Go-san knew at least one member of all the other dining parties by name. It is almost as if he wants to keep the place secret to keep the riff-raff out. Sadly it is a touch far from Orange County or my friends and I would like to add ourselves to his exclusive list.

The final total came to $225 a head.

Full Review with Pictures can be found at:

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  1. The food looks great but...225/person?

    Oh my. You could have gone to Urasawa.

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    1. re: mehfactor

      One of my dining companions said the same thing.

      I do feel Urasawa is better, but I wanted to try Go's Mart after everything I had heard.

      1. re: mehfactor

        Not quite, since the $225pp was the final cost including beverages, tax, and tip. I believe the base price at Urasawa is now $275pp. And when we went, our total cost was around $400pp.

      2. What's the cheapest per person you can get out of there? $50-$60 or close to $100 pp. I'm thinking your average sashimi (tuna, salmon, yellowtail), a roll or two, and a few pieces of sushi.

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        1. re: WHills

          On the listed sushi menu, items run from 1.80 for scallop w/mayo to 4 for sea urchin, giant clam, and eel. Tuna, yellowtail, salmon are all $2 per piece.

          Rolls run 5 for Cali to 7.5 for Rainbow

          The specials like toro or kobe beef are a lot more.

          1. re: WHills

            How much is their sashimi plates if you go a la carte? (Toro, giant clam, salmon?)

            1. re: WHills

              Not sure if they offer a sashimi plate. I am sure if you give them an amount you want to spend they can work with you to make a dinner you'll enjoy.

              The prices are here if you can read them.

              1. re: tangbro1

                the weird thing about this place is you can go the Crazy Fish route and order a couple of newfangled rolls and get out of there for maybe 20 a per with a miso soup or you can definitely easily spend above a 100 dollars per.

                last time there toro steak at least a 20 spot. and each piece of toro sushi about 10 bucks., holy cow (aka kobe beef seared) about 8 or 9 bucks per piece.

            2. re: WHills

              i've had a very satisfying mini omakase there - without drinks - and gotten out of there for around $75, including tip.

              just kind of keep a rough tally in your head as he goes, and you can keep things on the reasonable side of expensive.

            3. what the heck? is this worth the (non-existent) hype and/or the price? i'm guessing it's the kobe beef, and possibly the gold flakes on everything lol. kue sounds interesting.

              can you get by/full off an ala carte meal without breaking the bank, and is everything done in this fusiony style? unless i'm splurging, i'd probably just try ala carte nigiri. but i tend to prefer the straight stuff over fantabulous creations. i feel like i have to hit this in the near future though, regardless.

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              1. re: rameniac

                The hype is starting to grow and I think it is definitely worth a try. It should be no problem being satisfied by the a la carte menu and you can always order specials off the board later.

                I really enjoyed the kue but be warned I think it comes with the truffle oil and shiso by default.

              2. Where is the sushi bar? The food looks great, but this place looks like a cafeteria.......

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                1. re: tokyoastrogirl

                  It's perpendicular and to the left of the large sushi case in the second photo. The decor does leave much to be desired but the food is great.

                2. Cyrus, French Laundry, Go's Mart, Urasawa, Alinea........ I envy you. May I join your dining club :)

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                  1. re: MeowMixx

                    go's mart is beautifully dumpy and very unpretentious. and what's with the stash of videos by the door i guess you can use it as a blockbuster's susih bar.