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Where to chow and watch Champions League?

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Where in SF should we go to eat and drink well while watching this Wednesday's Champions League Final soccer game at lunchtime? Of course, it's AC Milan v Liverpool, so North Beach might offer something. Are there any good bars with a knockout lunch menu?


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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Kezar Pub is a good place to watch it. The have hearty English food and great hot wings and homemade potato chips.

    2. Harrington's isn't bad for lunchtime football-watching if you are in the FiDi.

      1. I will be watching it at The Chieftain at 5th & Howard. The food is decent and there is no cover since it's on ESPN2. Mad Dog in the Fog on Haight St. at Steiner will also be showing it. You pay $10 at the door, but they give you $10 in coupons. Just there version of a drink minimum. You can use the coupons on food too, but I've never eaten there.

        1. Hi Dive on Embarcadero & Bryant should be showing the match (they showed the World Cup matches during lunchtime in 2006). The sports bar at the Marriott on 4th & Mission will definitely have it on.

          Hi Dive has a great, varied lunch menu and a fine full bar. Marriott location has the full bar but limited lunch menu.