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May 20, 2007 10:18 PM

Back to Marin Famers Mkt, Black Sheep Farm

Last week I reported on visit to Marin Famers Market, especially commenting on Black Sheep Farm. Here is more on that: Black Sheep Farm is two folks--Deanna and her boyfriend--hard-workers I would say, who sell their pork at Marin Frmrs Mkts (San Rafael, Sunday mornings, with Fairfax to be added soon on Wed afternoons) and the Sonoma circuit: Santa Rosa, Sebastopol, Healdsburg. Their pork is a heritage breed, Hereford. I grilled some bone-in loin chops this evening on mesquite and almond wood, and it was simply the best grilled chop I have ever eaten. Better than Berkshire chops I got recently.

When I posted about Black Sheep last time, Melanie mentioned having seen them at Santa Rosa Frmrs Mkt. and wondered if we were too late for their lamb. Deanna tells me that lamb will be available June and July. They raise a heritage breed, Romney Marsh, of Irish origin. They also are raising goats, Romagnola cattle, as well as Arucana chickens. And they are also raising Ossobaw Island hogs, a rare and endangered breed from the barrier islands off the Atlantic southeast, not currently sold at their market stalls. All are heritage breeds. I am impressed by the hardwork and dedication. And inpsired. And really happy with what I have eaten.

On another note: I mentioned last week that Mission Fish was selling local salmon for much less than some Chowhounds reported finding it at retail outlets (I got salmon roast cuts at $8.95 per lb.). This week I got there later than usual, about 10:30, and the salmon was all gone. Every piece of every cut! I could not help but wonder if it was an onslaught of Chowhounds who had cleaned out my source before I got there. Bummer. By the way, the larger two-tent fish stand in the back had their usual wide selection of seafood, but nothing that I saw was on the Monterey Aquarium "avoid" list as someone had suggested last week.

Produce remains rich: strawberries from Swanton, morel mushrooms, fava beans, spring garlic--support our local farmers markets.

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  1. Got some cherries yesterday - marvelous! Strawberries are still plentiful and wonderful. Saw several stands with peaches (already?) The Asian veggie folks have upped their prices a little, but still a bargain.

    1. Your post last week sparked my interest, and I made my way up to Marin on Sunday and came away with bone-in loin chops! Will have them for dinner this week. Thanks for the rec! Also, I didn't see chicken or eggs on their menu - any word on those?

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        Glad you made it across the bridge. I believe the chickens are still a work in progress, at least for the Marin Frmrs Mkt. Perhaps the Sonoma market circuit gets them now--I will check when I get back after a two week trip.