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May 20, 2007 09:08 PM

Good bagels in Mississauga?

Maybe I'm expecting too much, but I haven't been able to find anything resembling a Montreal-style bagel here in the Mississauga area - any recommendations, even if it's not but reasonably close to the real thing? I'm afraid the Loblaws variety doesn't do it for me anymore. Thanks.

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  1. I gave up and started making my own. Short of that, the best I've found are carted into Longo's(esp. the Thomas+Glen Erin store).They go quickly, too.

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    1. re: Kagemusha

      Doesn't What-a-Bagel have an outlet in Mississauga yet? They're not the best, but pretty good when they're hot.

      1. re: Yongeman

        Are they Montreal-style? I've never been, but I had the distinct impression that they're not.

        God, I love Montreal-style bagels.

        1. re: vorpal

          Sorry vorpal. What-a-Bagel is not Montreal style. The best M-style in TO is Bagel House on Bayview or Avenue Rd. W-a-B is pretty ordinary, but they often have them hot, so that makes the bagels a lot tastier.

        2. re: Yongeman

          Hi, you're right, I think they're on Dundas near Dixie (I think just east, but may be just west) on the south side...never tried 'em....I've got a couple dozen St. Viater bagels en route right now (Mother in law is flying in from MTL).

      2. Highland Farms carries Gryfe's bagels fresh every morning. I pick some up on Sundays almost every week.

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        1. re: ishmael

          I saw a segment on TV about St.Viater - they've been in operation since 1957 and have sold millions (must be the city water up there!). Thanks, I'll have to try Gryfe's. Highland Farms - who would have thought?

          1. re: Bordeaux Girl

            If you expect Gryle is Montreal style... FORGET ABOUT IT.

            its a good 'toronto' style bagel (read bread with a hole in it)

            Bagel house on avenue road and bayview are the two best Montreal style in toronto. Close to fairmount as you can get in toronto

            1. re: galambo

              I didn't mean to give the impression that Gryf'e is a Montreal style bagel--only that they are available at HF. As for them being "bread with a hole in it"--I am pretty certain that they are boiled( in honey water) and then baked in a wood fired oven which by most definitions is a bagel, regardless of the Toronto, Montreal. New York bagel debate.

              And yes Bagel House makes a mighty fine bagel.

              1. re: galambo

                I am in love with the Montreal bagels at Altitude Bakery. I've found them to be consistently nothing short of amazing.

              2. re: Bordeaux Girl

                If you really want St. Viateur bagels, and you either have lots of freezer space or some friends who you would like to share them with, you can order from their website. The minimum order is 6 dozen for $34.50 - I think shipping is extra.


            2. Travel out to oakville for the most authentic Montreal style wood oven bagels I have found. Taylor'd bagels at the corner of Third Line and Dundas 905-469-8055.

              The herb and garlic cream cheese is delish aswell.

              The owners are ex-Montrealers who have moved their buisness to Oakville with them. My parents live just a few blocks away and they are made fresh all day, too bad I'm attending school in Boston and attempting to survive on horrible American bagels.