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May 20, 2007 08:58 PM

Norman, Lorraine, and Northern French food in Paris

In my trips to France, I have really enjoyed the regional French cuisine I have had, much of which has been in Paris since I don't have to time to go to every region in France. However, I have had trouble finding restaurants serving cuisine from Normandy, Lorraine, and Northern France. In the case of Lorraine, I'm not sure if its cuisine is distinct from "Alsatian" so in that case that may be the problem. (I hope I'm wrong.) However I do know that Northern France and Normandy do have unique regional cuisine so I am surprised that I haven't been able find any restaurants serving those cuisines.

Does anyone know of any restaurants serving cuisine from these regions? I really would like to try them on my next trip to Paris. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Pharamond, recently reopened under a new owner, rue de la Grande Truanderie in the 1rst used to have some dishs from Normandy [tripes a la mode de Caen]. Don't know if it still does. Ate there once years ago, the interior is a jewel.