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May 20, 2007 08:57 PM

Five questions about food in St. Pete's - bakery, barbecue, soul food, sushi & espresso

Hi folks. I've done plenty of searches here and found good info, but I've still got a few questions. Please take a crack at any or all of these; your help is much appreciated. (And for context, I'm fine with holes-in-the-wall AND high-end; I really dislike tourist traps. The Trailhead Park area is home base, so it's a bonus for me if recommendations are near it.

1. Where can I buy good bread? (Bagels, baguette, croissant, rye, it's all good....)

2. I've read about lots of good places in Clearwater etc., but is there any good barbecue in St. Pete's itself?

3. Any soul/southern food recs in St. Pete's, and does anyone have an opinion about Shirley's, Soul Food Fantasy or Dirty South?

4. Best sushi and/or ceviche?

5. Any good espresso within 20 blocks of Central & 34th? What about really good takeout - especially Cuban, Middle Eastern, sushi, or panini?

Thanks in advance - much appreciated :-)

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  1. 31st and Central has a great Jamaican carry out, mazzorro's Italian market for great bread, Sushi is average. Downtown has a great tapas restaurant named " cerviche" that has good cerviche

    1. 1. Bread - Best in St. Pete is at Mazzaro's on 22nd Ave. N. around 26th St. Bagels at St. Pete Bagel co. on 4th St. N. around 70th Ave. Croissants at Cafe Mozart on 4th around 69th Ave.

      2. BBQ - None that are stellar.

      3. Soul/southern - Atwater's Cafeteria in South St. pete.

      4. Sushi - I like Hook's on 9th around 13th Ave.


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        Not sure where "St. Pete's" is, but in St. Pete, Hook's is definitely the best sushi ;-)

        1. re: carissarene

          Oh that's hilarious - I haven't yet stepped foot in the state, but I'm already committing faux pas........ arg! Thanks for the correction :-)

      2. Mazzaro's also has good espresso. 2909 22nd Ave N. You have to get there
        early on Saturday for the bread. It goes fast.I don't have the luxury of going during the week since I work in the opposite direction.
        Also Cuban Delight has great cuban food. 30th Ave and 49th street. You can eat in or get anything take away. Agree with the Hook's recommendation and there is no BBQ
        that I know of that is worth mentioning.

        1. Thank you guys - these are great. Keep 'em coming if more stuff occurs to you.

          1. Mazzaro's is terrific for bread of all kinds, and there's a great Italian bread shop on St. Pete beach in the same building as Gigi's on Gulf Blvd (sorry, blanking on the's Monday.) Best BBQ I've found in St. Pete is Tim's BBQ on 34th St. S @ 16th Ave. S--but it's nowhere near as good as Grandma Flossie's over in Tampa. Hook's, Tokyo Bay Sushi and Kiku in Clearwater are my favorite sushi places in St. Pete--Water sushi in Tampa is good, too. Welcome to St. Pete!

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              The St. Pete Beach Italian bakery is Casa del Pane. It's about a mile north of the Don Cesar on the East side of Gulf Blvd. - has a red sign. Its breads and focaccia are excellent! Agree with comments on Mazzaro's - it's worth a drive if you're a foodie. They have great meatball and other subs (huge - a steal at $5). A great Italian market!

              1. re: Gator Tom

                >>Agree with comments on Mazzaro's - it's worth a drive if you're a foodie. <<

                I go into sensory overload every time I go in there. I love their pizza, lasagna, sandwiches, olive oils. cookies, biscotti, ravioli, anti pasto salads. I could go on and on and on about Mazzaro's. Not to mention their wine and cheese room.