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May 20, 2007 08:02 PM

Swooon me with your coffee

I'm sure there's plenty of threads - Haven't looked however, it's the 21st century now - Where is the best....It's Seattle afterall. NO STARBUCKS!

I'll be arriving Wed and staying 6 days. I will drive from Seattle to Spokane and back then N to La Conner and Friday harbor. Want to bring home fresh ground beans too!

Not into chocolate like most but, I do dream about an incredible cup o' joe!

thanks once again :) KQ

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  1. I judge a coffee shop by the quality of their Americano. I don't like syrups and add-ins masking the base product.

    That said, my local favourite is Caffe Vita. And I buy their Queen City blend beans for drip coffee at home. I've noticed that some of my favourite local restaurants (Tulio, 35th Street Bistro) serve their coffee as well.

    1. Bring home fresh-ground beans? Aiieee! Grinding the beans immediately before brewing is critical to a quality cup.

      Victrola & Zeitgeist are both worth stops.

      Also, do take advantage of the fact that every town in the Northwest - even towns too small for a traffic light or a gas station - has a drive-up espresso shack. The fact that you can get decent non-Starbucks coffee in the boonies is one of the more endearing traits of the PNW.

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      1. re: terrier

        Terrier! I will n ot be far from either suggestions. Holiday Inn Crown Plaza - So, I found Victrola - In front of pike Place right? And, Zeitgeist? Between Pioneer Square and King St. station? HELP!!!

        1. re: Kitchen Queen

          Zeitgeist is, indeed, on Jackson street where you say. Victrola isn't "in front of Pike Place" though. Their roastery is on E. Pike St at Minor Ave (about 12 blocks uphill from the market). You can get coffee there, but I'd head to their main cafe on 15th Ave E at E Harrison st.

      2. If you're in the downtown area, visit Cherry Street coffee house ( - any of the locations are wonderful, with great product and happy employees. I work just south of their original location (Cherry between 1st & 2nd) and have been going there for years. If you're lucky, Ali will be around, and you'll end up in a delightful conversation about whatever's on your mind.

        1. KQ,
          Go to De Laurenti's at Pike Place Market, they have great coffee ( I think it is Umbria) if you like the Italian taste as I do.

          I also posted earlier asking others if they know where Illy coffee is served in Seattle, that is in my opinion the best Italian coffee to have, if you like smoothness :) And you can get the beans in any major supermarket here.
          Have fun!!

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          1. re: craigseattle

            I'm a big fan of Fonte Coffee. Served at Uptown Espresso, the Sorrento Hotel, etc. Their roasting facility is in the SODO district and snatch a bag of their "Bin 16" coffee if available. Expensive at $17/lb but well worth it. Not sure if their Jamaican Blue Mountain is worth it but at $89.99/lb I can't afford to try!


          2. I am a espresso fanatic, and here are my favorites. They are all exceptional neighborhood places that roast their own beans.

            You must try Vivace. They pull the best shots in Seattle, hands down. They roast their own beans, and sell them in 1/2 lb resealable bags. Great stuff.
            Espresso Vivace Roasteria
            901 East Denny Way
            Seattle, WA 98122

            Victrola is pretty great too. They also roast their own.
            411 15th Ave E
            Seattle, WA

            Lighthouse Roasters is fantastic too. I love the smell of the beans roasting in the back of the cafe.
            400 North 43rd Street
            Seattle, WA 98103

            My last suggestion is Top Pot Donuts. Their downtown location is great. Great coffee, amazing donuts. .
            2124 5th Ave, Seattle

            Other notables are Cafe Ladro, Cafe Vita, Zoka, Bauhaus, and Uptown Espresso.

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            1. re: BoomOp

              Thank YOU all! This is so so great. We leave tomorrow (23rd) and so looking forward to this! School is out, my final in bioethics over and I am ready to enjoy!!! Even treating us to a night at the Salish Lodge!

              1. re: BoomOp

                Note that Top Pot and Zeitgeist have the same owner - Zeitgeist's roastery is in the Top Pot. I prefer the coffee preparation at Zeitgeist proper, but you can think of Top Pot as Zeitgeist North.