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May 20, 2007 07:44 PM

Turquoise Room, Winslow, AZ

We are trying to figure our if this may be a better overnight stop than Flagstaff. Any opinions?

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  1. The Turquoise Room at La Posada is one of the best food stops along I-40 IMHO. We had Arizona Green Chile Eggs for breakfast there and enjoyed walking the grounds of the old railroad hotel. It looked like it would be a neat place to spend a night. We don't visit Flag often so can't make the comparison. Other than La Posada Winslow is pretty quiet.

    1. Staying at La Posada ( is hard to beat. The accomodations, food and service are top notch. Great piano bar also. We stay there whenever we possibly can. As Doug says though, other than that, Winslow is pretty quiet.

      Jerry Saywell

      1. We tried to stay here both directions on our way to and from Santa Fe last year. If you do decide to stay here call ahead - the get a lot of tour business and both nights we tried were sold out by tours that were staying at the hotel(on the way out it was "standing on the corner" weekend which sold out the entire town. This was in October. )

        We did have lunch on the way back. Spent a few hours touring the property and watchign the trains. We definitely would like to stay a night up there and try the restaurant out for dinner. I'd say it's worth the stop.

        1. I've never stayed there, nor had anything but breakfast, BUT, because of the excellent breakfasts, it is a "must-do" stop, between PHX and Santa Fe. I hear that their other meals are great as well - just cannot comment personally.


          1. While I do live in Flagstaff, and hate to turn away business from our lovely town, I would absolutely recommend staying the night at La Posada. Whenever my wife and I can come up with an excuse, we make a quick overnit of it, since it is just 45 minutes away. The hotel is umm, fascinating and interesting, and the restaurant is perhaps the best in N.Arizona. Don't forget to ask for a room away from the train tracks though, as that can make or break a night's sleep.
            As mentioned above, there is nothing else in Winslow, so plan to get there in time to wander the hotel a bit then eat dinner and leave just after breakfast. That way there is still time to stop in Flagstaff and check out the more interesting town!

            Turquoise Room
            303 E Second St, Winslow, AZ 86047

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              Was driving home from a long week in New Mexico...finishing up my last stop in Gallup @ 10:00 am .....hitting Winslow @ noon. Remembered some positive reviews from The Turquoise Room @ La Posada. What a wonderful step back in time...with a wonderful modern swirl!
              I loved the inn, Tina Mion's eclectic art and the fabulous, creative menu!

              Everything on the menu had a native local flair to it......I haven't stopped talking about my meal and it is now 24 hours later.....I had a cornmeal crusted tilapia w/ peppers, bacon roasted corn served over an arizona ratatouile of native squash and eggplant. The flavor layering was wonderful and the presentation was magnificent.
              I enjoyed my meal w/ a glass of the Turquoise room's signature lemonade...


              After my meal I walk around the property taking in all the history, looking @ the Mimbres Pottery and watching the trains go by sitting on a big adirondack chair out on the back lawn of the resort......

              I cannot wait to visit La Posada on my next visit to Winslow!