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May 20, 2007 07:12 PM

Any Good 1.5 Liter Bottles Out There?

I'm looking for a decent quality wine for summer cookouts and large numbers of people, red or white, where more money is spent on the wine rather than the bottle it comes in, say at a $15-$20 price point. Is there such a thing in a larger bottle of wine? I haven't tried too many but was hoping someone may have spotted a winner or two.

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  1. I am usually hesitant to buy the larger bottles of wine, but had to recently when I had a party and needed to keep within a pretty strict budget. I went to my local wine store and asked for recommedations below $15. Surprisingly, I thought they were all pretty decent for the money. Here is what I got... Summerfield Chard, Villa Maffei Pinot Grigio, Canyon Oaks Shiraz, and St. Marten Cab (maybe St. Martin). Also, I'm pretty certain that Jacob's Creek comes in larger bottles.

    1. There is no reason to lock yourself in to 1.5L bottles. The selection is gonna limit you unnecessarily and you will end with with more wasted wine. Plus the 750s will allow your guests to sample some variety.
      There are tons of decent wines under $10, especially whites. Aussie and South Africa are great areas. Columbia Crest, Sebastiani, Lindeman's Wishing tree, concha y toro, rosemount, Hogue (riesling) are all some widely available consistant labels.

      1. Citra Montepulciano D'Abruzzo at $8.99 for a 1.5 liter. Has been my "house" pour for years. And honestly I tasted a Woodbridge Mondavi cab the other day and for cookout and more casual affairs they're perfectly fine IMHO.

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          I have a soft spot for that Citra too, maybe because it bears the closest resemblance to much of the wine I drank traveling in Italy. There the question was "red or white" not "would you like to see our 6 page winelist"

          Its a good value and a great wine for cooking and pairing with the foods that you used it in. BTW....pronounce it "Chee-tra" show off your Italian.

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            My sort-of grandfather (Mom remarried when I was 29 and this is her FIL) is Italian from Italy - not Sicilian, if that makes a difference in the conversation. ANYWAY, this is his house wine of choice and the one he brings to most gatherings. I rarely see it in stores around here, but am so excited to see that it's $9. It's very good for the price. I'll have to find out where to get it.

            To answer the OP, I find that, in a large gathering, almost any wine that's $15-20 in the 1.5 L is decent. As for doing the 750mL instead, I sometimes do the bigger bottles when the crowd I'm serving isn't too wine savvy and/or are big drinkers. I'd find myself opening wine all night with some of the people I know. Whatever you do, don't be sucked in by the hype about Barefoot (it's more like $10 for a 1.5 L). It's not even drinkable.