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May 20, 2007 06:50 PM

Susina's Berry Blossom Cake

One word: DELICIOUS! I got a piece of Susina's berry blossom cake and it was SO good! The white chocolate mousse did taste like whipped cream and the cake was so light and just melted in my mouth. Sinful! I think next week I'll try Sweet Lady Jane to compare.

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  1. Good Luck over at SLJ, if you're lucky they may actually give you a slice...
    Not a fan of Susina's either though...

    1. I've not had consistent luck at SLJ, when I ordered one for a birthday, it was wonderful. Other times, the cake has beed dreadful - dry and grainy. The cupcakes were beautiful but terrible and those had just come out from the oven. I'm hoping to try Susina soon.

      1. I actually got this for a birthday party this weekend also. I don't even really like white chocolate (the cake was for my husband) but it really did just taste like cream. Which is good. I also appreciated the bits of meringue on the outside, which gave it some character. But these berry-cream cakes never have enough berries for me!