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May 20, 2007 06:34 PM

"Steakhouse" creamed spinach

I love the creamed spinach in New York steakhouses. Anyone got a decent recipe to duplicate it at home? Thanks

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  1. It's basically shredded/choppes spinach with white sauce added. Steam or quickly saute the spinach to cook it, then add white sauce to taste. The white sauce should be seasoned with a judicious amount of nutmeg or mace.

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    1. re: Dorothy

      "white sauce" is traditionally a bechemel- Roux and milk accented with onion, clove and nutmeg.
      A chef I worked with a few years back cheated by adding creme fraiche to sauteed spinach- FANTASTICALLY DELICIOUS! (not to mention absurdly easy!)

    2. I would more recommend a mornay sauce (adding cheese to the bechemel). Also add chopped shallots and garlic.

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      1. re: Just Me

        Just Me, I absolutely agree those flavors belong in creamed spinach- but you add them to the sauce and not to the saute?

        1. re: lunchbox

          Excuse to the spinach saute.

      2. This is a recipe from a San Francisco Steakhouse

        Creamed Spinach

        1.5 c cooked spinach
        ¼ c sour cream
        2 T Horseradish
        2 T Butter
        ½ t tarragon
        ½ t salt pepper

        1. Agreed with bechamel, shallots, etc... BUT!

          One thing to add: BACON!

          I like bacon and spinach together, so I see no reason not to add it in with some creamed spinach. Cheese too.

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