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May 20, 2007 06:23 PM

Looking for U-Pick Strawberries (or other produce) near St. Louis

I know its been a bad, bad year for strawberries...(thank you, Mother Nature, for sending us an arctic blast for Easter...) but horror of horrors, my favorite U-Pick strawberry place (Scharf's in Millstadt, IL) is not doing a U-Pick. They still have some beautiful berries in their farm store, but I want lots and lots of berries to freeze, and, of course, to eat millions of while we can... and I'd rather not pay to have someone else pick them. Anybody know of some good u-pick options in the area? I'm particularly interested in strawberries right now, but I would also love to hear of any other pick-your-own produce you've discovered and would recommend.
I used to love Koenig's off of Cave Springs in the St. Charles area...but I've been told they no longer have a pick-your-own option? Anybody know anything?

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  1. I actually went to Eckert's (in Bellville, IL about 35 min from dtown st. louis) today to pick strawberries... they were pretty good, but not amazing.

    1. Breautigams is just east of Eckert's and is run by a nice family. The owner is an ag teacher at the local high school w/ my wife. I'm not sure if they have strawberries but they've got everything else.
      Braeutigam Orchards
      Tom and Pat Range
      2795 Turkey Hill Lane
      Belleville, IL 62221 (St. Clair County)

      1. Check last week's article in the Post-Dispatch for places offering pick your own berries. If you don't mind the drive, there are more places to the east past Eckert's and Breautigams. If you look on, you should be able to find a few in Illinois near Centralia and Mt. Vernon. There's also Living Springs Berries that is closer to Springfield, and there is Simonton Orchards is in Okawville.

        1. Hey...why is my post from 2007 back up? I started reading it and thought, "Gosh, this sounds like me!" IS me!!!! Hmmmm, I'm being haunted by ghosts of my own old posts. Perhaps they want to me post a few updates...last year we picked strawberries and raspberries at Lakeview Farms in St. Charles; and blueberries at Wind Ridge Farm in New Melle. Beautiful, beautiful blueberries, but get there early or they're all gone. I think we picked thirty pounds over several visits and we've eaten almost every one this winter. (I'm hoarding the last few bags). We hope Scharf's in Millstadt,IL is likely this year, since we've had our best strawberries from them. If anyone has any suggestions, I'd be delighted to hear them. I'm in South City and willing to drive at least 30-40 miles for a good u-pick experience.