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May 20, 2007 05:01 PM

Taxi Brousse, African cuisine in Albany -- good meal

We had a good time at Taxi Brousse.
The cuisine is West African. It is a branch of Bissip Baobab in SF; the large genial extroverted host is from Senegal.
We had been here twice in the winter but it was freezing cold inside, even with auxiliary electric heaters. So we returned on a warm spring day. They have outdoor tables, fronting on scenic San Pablo Avenue; we dined inside.
There were seven of us. We sampled almost all of the menu. They have five basic preparations, four of which can be had with various choices of chicken, fish, shrimp, lamb, or tofu, and then with your choice of rice or couscous. I particularly enjoyed the dominant tangy sourness of several preparations (the "yassa" and the "dibi"); they use tamarind and lime juice. All the food tasted fresh and flavorful. Service was friendly and low-key. We wanted to share all the dishes, and they were a bit flustered at that, and brought out charmingly mis-matched small plates.

We had seven main dishes, an appetizer, a salad, and four desserts (I recommend "thiakry", a sweetened yogurt).
There was no corkage fee, though I recall there might have been a charge the last time we were there.
Total bill for seven, before tip: $100.

What a deal!

Taxi Brousse
1101 San Pablo Ave -- two blocks north of Gilman
Albany, CA 94706 (just over the Berkeley line
)(510) 558-0939

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  1. Thanks for the update. How was business? The website mentions the beef and chicken is halal. The bananas flambe seems new. Need to get over there for lunch one of these days.

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      We did not try the banana flambe.
      Business was slow -- there were four or five other tables, on a Saturday night from about 6:30 to 8:30. But the upside is that it was not too noisy.