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Great Cupcakes/Birthday Cake Recommendations?

Can anyone recommend where to get good cake or cupcakes in Manhattan without breaking the bank??

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    1. I like William Greenbergs the best. Magnolia/Buttercup/Billy's...those guys are way too sweet! eeeww! Besides, arent cupcakes cheap anyway?

      1. I have to recommend Amy's. I've been there many times for all different treats and they are consistently SO good. Last night we tried a chocolate cupcake with chocolate frosting-- wow! The cake tasted like cocoa, as did the icing. Unlike many other places they didn't overdo the butter or sugar!

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          I like the cupcakes at CRUMBS, especially the strawberry one. I also love the red velvet cake at Amy's Bread. It's better than all the other red velvet I've had at Buttercup, Billy's, etc.

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            I'll put in another vote for CRUMBS - plus, they come in large or small sizes so you can get a variety to share. i'm also a big fan of their frosted cookies - so good!

        2. I agree with Amy's as a solid recommendation. Also, try the little pie company for cakes, they're actuall pretty good!

          1. What do you like in a cake? Moist and sweet or dry and not so sweet. I prefer moist and on the sweet side with either a cream cheesy or whipped cream topping. The recommendations - Billy's and Crumbs both were disappointing for me. I found both of them to be very dry and flavorless. The icing was basically a tasteless sugary confection. Not ever like the basic butter creme that mom used to make from scratch. My personal favorite is Make my Cake. They have a location on 116th and another around 137th Street. Their cakes are consistently good, moist and tasty. I've tried a few other places and their cakes are also dry and crumbly but so far great cakes baked fresh daily at MMC.

            1. blackhound on 2nd ave. they do beautiful work.

              1. Thank you all! I went with amy's bread in hell's kitchen. I got the chocolate with dark chocolate icing. It was amazing. Comments were made like "this is the best chocolate cake I've ever had."

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                  Glad to hear it! That was the reaction I had as well-- really amazing!

                2. the most beautiful and tasty cupcake or cake is Cupcake Cafe!!!

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                      i will add my vote for CRUMBS. i frequent the UES location on 78th/3rd. their cupcakes and cookies are always fresh, and they have close to 30 varieties of cupcakes daily! their frosting isn't too heavy and the cake part is moist. the staff has always been very friendly/helpful as well...