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May 20, 2007 04:59 PM

Great Cupcakes/Birthday Cake Recommendations?

Can anyone recommend where to get good cake or cupcakes in Manhattan without breaking the bank??

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    1. I like William Greenbergs the best. Magnolia/Buttercup/Billy's...those guys are way too sweet! eeeww! Besides, arent cupcakes cheap anyway?

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        1. I have to recommend Amy's. I've been there many times for all different treats and they are consistently SO good. Last night we tried a chocolate cupcake with chocolate frosting-- wow! The cake tasted like cocoa, as did the icing. Unlike many other places they didn't overdo the butter or sugar!

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            I like the cupcakes at CRUMBS, especially the strawberry one. I also love the red velvet cake at Amy's Bread. It's better than all the other red velvet I've had at Buttercup, Billy's, etc.

            1. re: missesq

              I'll put in another vote for CRUMBS - plus, they come in large or small sizes so you can get a variety to share. i'm also a big fan of their frosted cookies - so good!

          2. I agree with Amy's as a solid recommendation. Also, try the little pie company for cakes, they're actuall pretty good!