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May 20, 2007 04:23 PM

BC Broiler - Costa Mesa

This afternoon I drove past BC Broiler on Newport Blvd and I think the sign said best rotisserie in O.C. Is it any good? Does anyone have any suggestions for good rotisserie chicken that's not Costco or Albertson's?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Anyone that has to tell you how cool they are isn't, and any restaraurant that has to tell you they make the best X doesn't. BC Broiler on a good day is on par with El Pollo Loco, but usually they're not even on that level. It's overcooked to the point of shrinking off the bones, and flavorless. Well, I suppose if you prefer a plain tasting chicken, you'd like it. Somebody must, because this place has been around forever.

      In this neighborhood, I go to El Toro Bravo's taqueria on 19th St for pollo rostizado. It's deeply flavored w/ an achiote scented adobo seasoning, which penetrates the meat fully with its slightly tart, salty tang. You can buy it whole, split in half as part of their especial de pollo (comes w/ tortillas, beans & rice, salsa, and soda), or you can get the chicken as a taco or burrito.

      If you like a more basic seasoning than that, you might try Super Pollo instead. They season less prior to cooking, then give you the option to plate it with a garlic butter that'll stay with you for days. Different strokes for different folks