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May 20, 2007 03:25 PM

Pewter Rose (Charlotte) for Brunch

I just went to Pewter Rose for brunch and was extremely dissapointed. I ordered coffee ($3 a cup) and never got a refill. The waitress forgot to bring bread. I ordered the seitan thai wrap and my mother ordered the quiche. The shell for the quiche was obviously store-bought and it tasted like scrambled eggs. My wrap was slapped together and the fruit salad that came as a side was ok, but the blackberries were only half-thawed. I would not go back. Has anyone else had similar negative experiences? I've found that brunch tends to be an iffy time in general for restaurants.

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  1. That's too bad. We haven't been for probably a year. It was good then. Too bad if it has gone down hill. We went to Nolen's several months ago and it was good for Brunch. Table in Ballantyne has been very good on several occasions -- although we haven't been there either for a while.

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      Have you been to Lulu's for brunch or lunch recently? I heard that was really good. When we go up to Charlotte we like to try new places. We tried the Penguin last time, which was good and I'd go back, I like the laid back atmosphere. Want to try Fuel Pizza...any other suggestions? Oh...also tried 300 East but was very dissapointed as well (went for brunch).

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        Haven't tried Lulu's for brunch. We went there for dinner and I thought it was ok, not great, but many on here like it so maybe I ordered the wrong thing or caught it on a bad night. Fuel Pizza is good. 131 Main in Huntersville is quite good and not that expensive. Where do you live?

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          I do think it's hard to find a good brunch! We tried Patou on East Blvd. for brunch and hard a terrible meal. We had a fruit crepe and an omelet - both lackluster.

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            I think that's the chef's day off or the day when no one wants to work. Maybe they figure a lot of the customers are hung over and don't really notice. It's my favorite meal though, so I wish it was easier to find good brunches. I mean, is it that hard to scramble some eggs?