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May 20, 2007 03:18 PM

Gas Grill Question

I'm in the market for a new gas grill and had pretty much decided that something in the Weber Genesis line would work just fine. So I stopped by BBQs Galore, the local Weber dealer (in San Diego), to check them out. BBQs Galore manufactures a line of grills called Strada (III, IV or V) and on the surface they appear to be very similar in construction, features, price and such. The big difference was that the house brand has a built in rotisserie and infra-red element for the rotisserie. Based on my past BBQ history, this is a feature I know would be useful for me.

Does anyone out there have any experience with the Strada line? I'm particularly interested in reliability, durability, maintenance, ease of use and ease of clean up. TIA

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  1. I don't know about the particular brand or model choices but I will say that when I purchased our high end grill, I paid no attention to the Rotisserie...thinking that I would never use it.

    I can't believe how much I love it now. We use it regularly and absolutely everything on it comes out awesome!

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      I know. My grandfather had this big ol' grill with a rotisserie and we did stuff on it all the time and it was fabulous. That's why I know it would be used a lot.

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        I bought the rotisserie for Genesis Silver. I don't use it with great regularity but I love having it.

    2. buy the one with features you will definitely use. If you lke rotisserie then that sounds like the way to go. FYI- the magazine cooks illustrateed reviewed gas grills last year and the Weber Genesis series beat out all the other higher end bbq's by a long shot. I have one and bought the rotisserie option that I use once in a while. I think Weber has discontinued the Genesis series and has a new series out there so if BBQ Galore is trying to sell you a genesis, knock down the price for last years model a little.

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        Weber is still making the Genesis series.