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May 20, 2007 03:13 PM

Hatfields or Table 8?

Which of the two do you prefer? A good friend is coming in from out of town and I've narrowed it down to these two... Is the food/price comparable? Approximately how much would it be for 3 courses and a bottle of wine?

Are there any dishes you particularly recommend? I am dying to try the porterhouse for 2 at Table 8, but the friend is not a big red meat eater.

Thanks so much!

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  1. Go with Table 8. They have great fish en trees as well. I love the kobe skirt steak. The vibe is cool, location is fun. He serves kona coffee etc..I'm long overdue for a visit myself.

    I can't comment on Hatfields never been there.


    go to check out the menu.

    1. This is a toss up.
      I like Table 8. The neighborhood is funky Melrose - which was, frankly, a problem for my boss who drives a expensive car with expensive rims and wondered if he would have it returned to him as he gave it up. (valets are a separate subject not pertinent to our hounds)
      Food great! and the decor is lovely with a great vibe.

      As for Hatfields - at first I loved it - the creativity in the kitchen, the vibe of the house, the wait staff was great - but then- boom - there's no deviation from the menu - or so was the impression we got from our server. What you order is what you get. So check the menu out online and see what appeals to you.

      If you want a porterhouse (and who could blame you?) try Jar....the menu might work for both of you.........

      1. if you do end up goint to table 8 and want to order the salt crust must order it when making the reservation...its not on the menu and you can't just walk in and order it.
        i had it and it was very good!

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          They have a Kansas City Steak on the menu for $42, isn't that the porterhouse?

          1. re: hazelnutty

            don't think its the same. it is salt crust porterhouse for two. they will crack the salt at our table side and sliced.
            not on the menu last time i was there....and must pre order ahead.

            1. re: rickym13

              Yah, it's not the same --- you definitely need to pre-order it. We had it about a month ago and it was fantastic!! I also greatly enjoyed the food at Hatfields too. It depends on what mood or vibe you want. Table 8 is definitely more trendy/hip while Hatfields is more homey. You can't go wrong with either!

              1. re: rickym13

                I just checked their menu and they have a new addition with the Kansas city steak for $42..isn't the porterhouse $42 as well...
                It sounds like it's best to call them up when you go....

          2. I'm sorry, but I think Hatfield's stands heads and shoulders above Table 8 in terms of quality of food. Vibe is completely different, though--as indicated in other posts.

            1. last time i had a full meal at table 8 was before renovation, but i've been a couple times since then mainly for drinks and the L8 menu. the food was good before renovation, but the emphasis of the spot is more as a lounge scene. the skirt steak i had last week for the L8 menu was chewy and too salty.

              the food at hatfields is more modern and clean a la jean georges. i prefer the food at hatfields.

              hatfields is a serious food destination.
              hatfields better for food. table 8 will have more scene. price about the same

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                Just wait a bit and someone will express all the thoughts you were having, (but say it much better than you would have been able to do) about the question. You nailed this perfectly, (even though we were at T8 post ren).