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May 20, 2007 02:59 PM

good moroccan downtown?

Hey folks.
I'm going to be attending the Mondiale de la Biere later this month. While it will obviously be a beer-focussed visit (planning to check out Dieu de Ciel and Amere a Boire, etc.), I'd also like to get some good Moroccan food, which is one of the things that's a lot easier to find in Montreal than here in T.O. Any suggestions?
p.s. any hounds going to the mondiale?

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  1. Hi tuqueboy,

    I was in Montreal last weekend with a friend and we had a stellar Moroccan meal at Au Tarot, corner of Marie-Anne and Berri in the Plateau. It's a BYOW place, which is awesome (there's a SAQ on St-Denis not far away you can stop into). Their table d'hote is great value, comprising a daily soup or the chef's salad (greens, endive, artichoke hearts, palm hearts, tomato, cucumber, olives, red pepper and an ethereal herbed vinaigrette), a choice of any of their tagines or grillades, and Moroccan pastries served with mint tea. The main courses come with steamed couscous and a huge bowl of veggies (carrot, potato, zucchini) cooked in a tomato based broth, as well as a little bowl of harissa, some honeyed raisins and chickpeas. It's a tonne of food and it's all amazing. The tagine of lamb shank with prunes and dried apricots was hands down the best I've ever had. My lamb fell off the bone beautifully and was gorgeously gamey.

    Our pastries were subbed for the house chocolate cake because they had run out, but the cake was quite good as well, done in the European style of a slightly dry cake layered with mousse and glazed with ganache.

    It's a small place and you'll need reservations. I highly recommend it.

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      Thank you Alicat - I've been craving tagine of lamb with prunes for a while and didn't know where to go eat it.