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May 20, 2007 02:11 PM

Shopping for food (and dining out) in/near Summit County, CO

So I'm going to spending a decent part of my summer in Silverthorne, CO. I went up for a weekend and definitely had some foodie culture shock - living in the Bay Area has spoiled me something terrible.

There's a City Market near where I stay, and I had absolutely no idea where else to shop. So please, any recommendations for buying food - butchers, produce, specialty ingredients, CHEESE? Where should I be doing my shopping?

Also desired - restaurant recs in the area, particularly Silverthorne/Dillon, but I'm happy to venture out farther. Last trip I ate at the Ski Tip and Keystone Ranch, but obviously a girl can't be having meals like that all the time. More casual recs are welcome.

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  1. There is a Vitamin Cottage Natural Grocer in Dillon that may help. There have been some threads on restaurants of late, you should do a search for summit, breckenridge, frisco, silverthorne and/or dillon and that should help.

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      Yeah, I did see the restaurant threads. I'm more looking for food shopping. I'll look for the Vitamin Cottage next time I'm up. I particularly interested to know where I might find the highest quality meat and cheeses. Oh, and if there are any farmer's markets in the area. If so, what are they like?

    2. Check out Ridge Street Wine,Cheese and Chocolate (301 N. Main St., Breckenridge) and Foodies (721 Granite St., Frisco). Samplings in Frisco and The Cellar in Breck (same owner, I believe) are wine bars w/ small-plate options for food. Don't expect the Bay Area, but these might hold you for the summer. And when City Market gets Olathe corn, buy some. Ditto peaches and other stone fruit from Palisade.

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        If you're up for a jaunt over to Edwards in Eagle County, just west of Vail, there is a place there called Eat! Drink! that has great cheese. I discovered a cheese called Lambchopper on the advice of someone who works there and I can't wait to have it again. I agree on the corn and peaches!

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          Most of the Summit County folks I know drive one hour to the front range and stock up once a month. The drive is about 15 minutes longer and the prices substantially less.

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            Summit County-ites do indeed drive to the Front Range to shop, but the Front Range cuts a big swath, so it's not totally convenient for everyday shopping. Also, it depends whether the shopping is for one person, a twosome or a family. There is such a thing as diminishing returns -- unless there's a need to buy something totally unavailable in Summit County and/or to have an excuse to get out of the high country for a few hours.

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              Ah, yes, but I live down here in the front range and haven't yet found that cheese around here! Mmmm, I'll have a weekend in Vail in about a month and definitely will be back at Eat! Drink!

        2. There is an awesome butcher in Kremmling - it is a small town about 45 minutes away. Seriously the best bacon EVER. They only take cash and it is sooo worth the drive. They have won a ton of awards - just this tiny little butcher.

          Breck has a farmers market on Sundays I believe...

          I actually like the Dillon Dam Brewery for semi-casual. The Sunshine Cafe is supposed to be awesome for breakfast and lunch.

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          1. re: MissaCM

            Any idea the name of that butcher shop in Kremmling? I found a listing for a place called Middle Park Meat Co., though it might be a larger wholesaler (maybe?). Also found a listing for a placed called Alpine Wildgame Processing. Can't find much else on the internet.

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              Food Hedz. A locals' favorite, because visitors rarely have reason to look for a place to eat between WalMart and Safeway in Frisco. Owner-chef David Welch used to be at the Keystone Ranch -- and he's VERY good. Everything is organic/natural. The atmosphere is casual. Order from the counter at the open kitchen. Let him know your special needs/likes. He's really good.

            2. re: MissaCM

              The Dillon Dam Brewery has an awesome trout. We just love it. I have a house there and that is always a must-visit for us. So is the Sunshine Cafe. I always get the trout and eggs. There is another place right next to the Dillon Dam Brewery - canNOT remember the name. It's a *beautiful* setting with an awesome atmosphere. We always go to the Der Fondue Chessel on top of Keystone next to the AspenStube. I do NOT care for the Backcountry Brewery in Frisco, but I know others that do. The Alpenrose in Vail has wonderful German food. We love the Mint. Not crazy about Old Dillon Inn, partly because it is so darned dark in there. But those two are right by my house and have been there since before my house was built in 1965. We used to love the Blue River Bistro but the last 5 years or so, I haven't cared for it.

            3. I really like malbec in the Dillon shopping center next to city market. They have tons of wines by the glass, menu changes at least monthly, and hess, the chef/owner is great... I think she's bringing a much needed breath of fresh air to the foodies in summit...

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                I think VSmoothe planned to spend the summer of 2007 in Summit County. Did s/he ever share experiences, reactions, personal finds? If so, I missed them.