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May 20, 2007 02:09 PM

Rome Restaurant

Has anyone been to Molto Ristorante in Rome? It's new only open less than a year.

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  1. Never had heard of it, but I found the website, The menu looks very good, in the chi-chi creative vein, but I think I would feel like an old fogey there. Also it's in Parioli, so it will be a while before I get there.

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    1. re: mbfant

      Thanks for your reply. I read your web site.... very interesting. We are staying at the St. Regis Grand on the via Vittorio E. Orlando. Any recommendations for something close in walking distance? Thanks for your help.

      1. re: Georgia Peach

        Totally depends on what you are looking for and what you mean by walking distance but I really like Monte Caruso on via Farini. They are from Basilicata and make the some of the best orecchiette I've ever had. I had a not bad meal in your hotel (for hotel dining I mean) a year or so ago, but I heard they changed chefs. BTW, I like to sometimes hit the St. Regis for a cocktails One of the few places in Rome to have a decent bartender...... It won't be what you are looking for on your vacation in Italy but they make a darn good club sandwhich!

        1. re: Georgia Peach

          There's a great little cafeteria right across the street from the St Regis in the Galleria Esedra. I think it's called Cafe Esedra ... on the right as you enter the galleria. Sicilian place. Good for lunch, gelato, pastry or a coffee.

          1. re: billinrome

            I can endorse the Cafe Esedra as well. On Epiphany last, 6 Jan 2007, it was my salvation when restaurants were either closed or booked.

        2. re: mbfant

          We had dinner there last Friday. A short cab ride from the St. Regis Grand. Everything about the restaurant was delicious. The menu , service, wine list and decore, We had a lovely english speaking waitress who recommended serveral excellent dishes. The rotisserie chicken was great. Pastas excellent. Purchased a few items in their boutique
          food shop. Sleek interior with interesting uni-sex bathrooms with sculpture. Reported back to hotel concierge and hightly recommended it. Sending American friends there next week.
          Hope this infor might be useful.

          1. re: Georgia Peach

            Thank you, yes. I'd like to try it. How about the cost?

            1. re: mbfant

              We were 3 couples. We had excellent wines. One of the fellas was a good wine
              drinker and very knowledgable. We all had starters..... I had a fab cheese platter...
              some desserts....a few after dinner drinks. Approx. 150 E's plus tip per couple.
              Food was delicious. A great memory .