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May 20, 2007 02:06 PM

Best place to buy cheese on way out of Montreal?

Hi, what is the best place to buy cheese when we are on our way driving back to NH? In the past, we have stopped at a supermarket in Broussard, but I am guessing there is probably somewhere else with a little more selection- we don't have capacity to buy it earlier, as we stay in a B&B with no refridgerator in the room.

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  1. The only place I can think of is Marche Atwater. Unless you pass by St-Lambert, they have a great cheese strore.

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      No question - the Marche Jean-Talon in Little Italy, Fromagerie Hamel. It is outstanding. I've gone to Montreal the past few summers. The last morning ritual: wander the market, sampling fresh local produce; have a gelato and/or a crepe and/or a pastry at the side stands; and finally, stock up on TONS of amazing cheese from all over Canada at the Fromagerie. It's a pretty straight shot from the Marche to one of the main routes out of the city.

      Bon appetit!

      1. re: poho

        First of all, if you are staying at a b+b, you could ask (nicely, and don't be pissed off if their fridge is full) if they can store your cheese overnight. Actually this time of year most cheeses won't be hurt at all by a night out of fridge, except for the real "fresh" ones. Montréal and NH are not the tropics...

        Indeed, if you stop off at Marché Jean-Talon, you have Hamel, Marché des saveurs (Quebec artisanal cheese) and some good Italian and Italianate cheeses at Capitol. The Market is just a few short blocks south of the "40", which intersects with the other highways out of the city.

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        Good call. The St-Lambert cheese store is L’Échoppe des Fromages (12 Aberdeen, St-Lambert, QC J4P 1R3, 450 672-9701).

        While the Jean-Talon Market has the largest selection (no one's mentioned Qui Lait Cru, another fine store there), the Atwater fromageries have more than enough chesses to fill anyone's cooler. What's more, parking is easier and the market is close to the Champlain and Victoria bridges.

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          Thanks, everyone! Last year we did hit the Jean-Talon and LOVED it. The b&b doesn't ahve room (we have asked) and last summer it was VERY VERY HOT 90+ fahrenheit when we were there for the race, so leaving it out wasn't an option- we do like the stinky runny ones! I think we may try the Atwater- look easy to get to the highway- with the Canadian Grand Prix crowd, there is always SOOO much traffic but this is our annual journey and we can't wait. Thanks again!

          1. re: oddcouple1

            If you go to New Hampshire via the 15 south and then US Route 2 through the Champlain Islands in Vermont (a lovely drive by the way) the Fromagerie Kaiser in Noyan is less than 1 km above the border at Alburg, Vermont. They are a small family-run place, but make about 15 or so varieties of European-style cheeses, with very good prices. Well worth a stop. It is the first right after going through customs and there is a "Fromagerie" sign with an arrow.

            1. re: oddcouple1

              Atwater market is definitely you best bet access wise, it is right next to the highway to Pont Champlain.

              Buy some ice packs at the dollar store and/or a cheap thermos bag to keep you cheese coldish, be sure to put a layer of insulation between the ice and the cheese, you don't want to freeze it, especially raw milk cheeses. Keep your firmer cheese on the bottom and the runny ones on top.

            2. re: carswell

              According to a article that I read several weeks ago, the largest cheese shop in Canada is La Fromagerie du Marche Atwater. Anyone with opinions on this cheese shop at Marche Atwater?

              1. re: BLM

                YES! I love it, I love the staff, the owners, the free tastings, the beer selection, the case that holds 3 cheeses of your choice for $10-12...

                It's much friendlier and grittier than Hamel, so much more my cup of tea.

                1. re: C70

                  Yep, this is the place I go to when picking up cheese to take back to the Big Smoke. Great way to save a few bucks and introduce friends to cheeses that they would have to pay an arm and a leg to sample here.