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May 20, 2007 02:03 PM

Recent Austin Trip - need recs for next trip

I just got back from Austin. Spent my time eating at Roy's, Chuy's at Town Lake, Rudy's and Salt Lick 360.

I thought Roy's was overrated. Everyone had raved about the braised beef ribs, mahi mahi and chocolate molten dessert. I liked the beef but I've had everything else better elsewhere.

Chuy's was great for atmosphere and tasty food for low prices but not sure if I would return. Once is enough.

Rudy's was great. Never had better BBQ brisket and ribs. Loved the atmosphere too. I would go eat there every week if I lived in Austin.

My question is: where should I go when I come back the next time? Eddie V's? County Line? Iron Works? Whole Foods? Or the sandwich place that everyone told me about? What is a good restaurant to try on 6th Street?

I am not concerned about price. Just someone who likes tasty food and no pretense. Can be diner or fine dining. Thanks.

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  1. Roy's is usually good, but it's still a chain. Just a high end one. :)

    Rudy's is superb; you should head out to Lockhart and try some of the local BBQ haunts like Kreuz Market or Smitty's. Kruez was serving good BBQ on wax paper long before Rudy's opened up. Great place.

    If you want good Mexican food, try El Chile out on Manor Road. For great veggies and down home southern cooking, Hoover's (near El Chile) or Threadgill's are great. Eddie V's is one of my favorites, mostly for the atmosphere; live jazz at the downtown location Thurs-Sat. Chez Nous just off Sixth Street is a small fabulous French cafe that has never disappointed me.

    Another great 6th Street place is Z Tejas about a block west of Lamar on Sixth. It's more Southwestern cuisine, but good selection of salads, seafood, and other southwestern dishes.

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    1. re: gawain44

      Think I will try Eddie V's. Is there anything that I should order?

      Also heard great things about Z Tejas. Is that Tex Mex like Chuy's? What are their signature dishes? Chez Nous sounds good, too. Thanks!

      1. re: caitlink

        I'll comment on ZTejas as I haven't been to Eddie V's lately (I love that place but haven't had the time) and I've never tried Chez Nous, though I plan to.

        Ztejas does not resemble Chuy's in any way. It is one of my favorite casual restaurants - but it can be more upscale in the evenings. It's much more Southwest than Tex-Mex.

        I really like their salads, particularly the spicy jerk chicken and pecan crusted chicken. Their steak salad used to be killer but, alas, it's no longer offered. I think they have the best Chcken Sandwich I have ever had. It's really moist and the jalapeno mayo is tastey! The chicken artichoke entree is lovely-mmmm, I'm getting hungry. The funny thing is, I'm not really a chicken person... it's odd that I've enjoyed these dishes so much.

        The one disappointment that I recall is the green chile pork appetizer. It really was bland and flavorless, even the texture was off-putting.

        Here's the website:

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          I've found that the standard fare at Eddie V's is the best. Their steaks are probably the best thing on the menu...filet mignon and the ribeye are really good. The Chilean Sea Bass is great, as is the rack of lamb.

          Z Tejas is not's really southwestern cuisine, so nothing like Chuy's. Try the Grilled Fish Salad...grilled rainbow trout with fresh greens and goat cheese. The Voodoo Tuna is really good as well. Guacamole is great for a good appetizer. Decent wine list.

          1. re: Twill

            Wow, thanks, everyone! Can't wait til I come back to Austin the next time. I will definitely have to plan my week carefully.

        2. Try Starlite - it's one of the 10 best in the city, in my opinion.

          If you want places that serve very good "comfort" food, try either Bess, which is on west 6th street near the old post office, or The Woodland on South Congress.

          Also on South Congress, try Vespaio Enoteca. It's simple, rustic Italian but quite good.

          And I agree heartily with the other poster about trying the barbeque places in Lockhart. Black's and Smitty's may have the best in the state.

          Yes to Chez Nous also. They do some wonderful stuff - simple but perfectly cooked and presented.

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            Just a note about Eddie V.'s: On Sunday and Monday nights, they have half-off appetizers all night in the lounge area, and dollar off drinks. You could fill up and sample a variety of appetizers easily there, or just order one and a steak. The crab cakes are very good; as well as the tuna tartare with avocado, citrus fruit, and chili oil; the lobster bisque; the crab and corn chowder; the salad with goat cheese, arugula, and shitakes; and the salad with beets and apples (I just went there with a group a couple of weeks ago). If you like raw oysters, they have selections from the Gulf as well as the North Atlantic. For a side dish with an entree, I'd recommend the gruyere potato fritters. They are fried mashed potato balls filled with gruyere and served with a horseradish cream sauce on the side. Decadent and delicious.

            1. re: diva360

              thanks, diva360. I will definitely take your advice and try out Eddie V's on a monday night.