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May 20, 2007 01:42 PM

Vancouver Island Natural Food Stores?

My family and I will be visiting Vancouver Island in a few weeks, and I'm looking for natural food stores. We'd like to stock up on some food for the hotel room, so I'm wondering if anyone can recommend health food stores in Victoria, Sidney, Nanaimo, or Qualicum Beach...the kids have food allergies, so health food stores are important to us!


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  1. The biggest and probably the best natural foods store in Victoria is "Lifestyles Market" on Douglas Street (major street) near the Mayfair Mall. Lifestyles has a large selection of organic canned goods, dried goods and produce.

    If you're in Victoria on a weekend, go to the Moss Street Market for your veggies. The local organic farming community sells wonderful freshly picked produce every Saturday between 10 AM and 2 PM. Best to get there early because the best stuff goes quickly. There are also food vendors. The moss street market also has a website...just google search it.

    1. In between Sidney and Victoria, on Oldfield Rd., there are many greenhouses and farm shops where you can buy fresh produce from the farmers. My favourite is Sunwing Farms - stop by and pick up some organically grown heirloom tomatoes and fresh herbs.

      In addition to Lifestyles Market, there is Planet Organic on the corner of McKenzie and Quadra (major intersection).

      I second the recommendation of Moss Street Market.

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        Thanks so much! I definitely plan to check out the Moss Street Market. It looks really fun!

      2. Don't rule out Thrifty Foods. It's a grocery chain on Vancouver Island but has some of the same things you'd find in health food stores as well.

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          Great point, Florentine, there is a big selection of natural and organic goods at Thrifty's. And the bonus is there are many locations throughout the island.