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May 20, 2007 01:21 PM

What's in Borrego Springs?

Last time I was in Borrego Springs there was a small cafe in the mall--is it still there and, if so, does anyone know the name? I'll be in Borrego for Memorial Day and want to make sure I can get a good cup of java.

Any other recs in this VERY small town? Any place to avoid?

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  1. We stayed at Casa del Zorro a couple years back and the food was great and we had a wonderful breakfast and the coffee was good..

    1. I think the place you're thinking of in the mall might be Kendall's Cafe, which is a little place that has been there forever. We've had breakfast there many times, and have always thought it was fine for what it is - a nice little greasy spoon diner but nothing special.

      There's also a newer place out near the airport called the Red Ocotillo. It's easy to miss because it just has a neon "EAT" sign out front. They serve good homemade, simple dishes that are a little more interesting than the standard fare at Kendall's. Their breakfast menu looked really good, but I've only been there for dinner, when I had a delicious Rueben sandwich, which hit the spot after a long day of hiking this winter.

      Have a great time.