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May 20, 2007 01:16 PM

Mail Order Hamburgers and Hot Dogs [moved from Home Cooking]

My DO and I attend a seminar in Virginia once a month. Being devoted Chows, but alas in NYC, we cannot indulge in one of our favorite methods of spending a summer evening; a backyard grill party.
So we have set up that the next seminar in Va will be just such, they have the grill and backyard ands we will provide the meats.

It is far easier to, to mail order, meats to be sent ahead. We have done this in the past when we travel around the country and make a dinner party at the host's house. We have found excellent service and product with Niman farms. Now, Niaman's hot dogs are good, they are not great. I sorta want that " bite into it, snap-pop" kind fro the party.

So CHounders who has the best mailorder hamburgers and hot dogs???

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  1. I've found Allen Brothers hamburger very tasty. I haven't tried their hot dogs (available with or without casing), but their web site says Forbes magazine declared them best in the U.S.

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        I just ordered burgers from heritage foods