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May 20, 2007 01:14 PM

A decent meal in Bowmanville Ontario

Hi all. I am about to move to Bowmanville (just east of Oshawa) and want to know if there is a decent place to get a great meal. I enjoy most ethnicities and styles of food. I know they have a Kelsey's (ugh!) but any other local places would be appreciated. I am basically asking so I can take both my parent and any other friends who pop by to a decent meal. I will consider different styles. I have heard good things about the Village Inn. Any ideas? All help is appreciated.


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  1. There was a recent post about a panini place. Otherwise, there is nothing really good. Forget ethnic - there is a Chinese buffet, a Chinese/Thai combo, and a couple of chopsuey place. Hank's chip truck is good for a snack. The 'high-end' dining place would be Bobby C's at the port but it's reallly terrible food.

    1. Ah yes, welcome to the culinary wasteland. :) However, there is a new Greek place on the main drag that we haven't tried yet. We are hoping it is good. Hanks fry truck now down at the TSC parking lot is a good mid day fry fix. Hank's main restaurant does good fish and chips and a pretty mean burger. Also, there is a Chinese place in Pontypool that we tried once and I think it could be good for a decent Chinese fix.
      Unfortunately, that's about it. There are some good spots in Coburg, but that is 40 minutes east. (and there is at least one high end place if you don't mind the drive).

      If the Village Inn is the little place on King St. just across from the big Chinese restaurnat and next to the Oak furniture spot....NO, NO, never. The worst cardboard burgers I've ever had.

      1. Newcastle isn't too far off, and I know there is a great restaurant there. I haven't been, but my in-laws love it and rave about the food. I'm sorry I don't know the name, but I bet you could find out pretty quickly in Bowmanville. Also, I have to say that Hanc's on Liberty (I think) really isn't too bad. Not upscale at all, but decent pub fare.

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          Hanc's is on King St., the main drag, a couple blocks west of Liberty St. Look for the Benjamin Moore paint store.

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            The Fish and Chips at Hanc's are OK but the so called Philly cheese steak I had was Very very Sad...

            Not somewhere I would rush back to. Service however was very good and friendly.