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May 20, 2007 01:06 PM

Recs for a great restaurant in Berlin?

Somewhere you don't need to reserve weeks in advance. Somewhere my husband would feel comfortable eating by himself. Any kind of cuisine.

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  1. Lutter and Wegner in the Gendarmenmarkt is comfortable with informal service. The main dining room has just enough noise to make it lively while the narrow back wine "cellar" is quieter with empty bottles of great vintages lining the walls. The traditional German food is light and creative and the wine list is excellent with many wines by the glass. I've dined there alone and always had a wonderful time.

    1. Hi Lucy, my favourite restaurant in Berlin is a Japanese -Sasaya in Prenzlauer Berg. It is informal, local and delicious but highly popular so you will have to reserve at weekends (but not weeks in advance). Or turn up at 6, when they open for dinner, or go for lunch (12-3). You must also have brunch on Sundays, try Gorki Park on Weinbergsweg or Drei on Lychener str. In general Lychener str. has a lot of decent restaurants (Sasaya, Masai (Ethiopian), Meena Kumari (modern Indian) as does Oderberger str. ( try Oki! -North German/Japanese fusion), and both are non-touristy options to Oranienburger str. which is close to the sights and has a lot of restarants, none of which are particularly good. If you get hungry while touring the Museumsinsel neighbourhood try Pan Asia, in one of the courtyards off Rosenthaler str. There's a good Italien around the corner from the Checkpoint Charlie Museum called Sale e Tabachi (I think on Koch str.). Another good Italien (for pizza) is the Duo Forni on Schoenhauser Allee.
      For a taste of what Berliners do at the weekend try Weinerei there's one on Zionskirchplatz, they serve food and wine in the evenings, and it's a cafe during the day. The principle is that you eat and drink, and then pay as much as you feel is appropriate into the big glass on the bar (you also have to pay a euro for each glass). There are a lot of cool bars and cafes around that neighbourhood, for fast food with a twist try "Der Imbiss" on Kastanienallee, near Zionskirchplatz. They have a tandoor oven and make naan pizzas, as well as wraps, 'rice bowls' and good juices. For German food try the Thüringer Stubl on Staargarder str., or Gugelhopf on Kollwitplatz. Kollwitzplatz is also where the best Farmer's Market takes place on Saturday. If you still haven't got a guide book I highly recommend the Time Out guide, it's head and shoulders above the others, and has good restaurant recommendations.

      1. Goldener Hahn in Kreuzberg.

        It's the best Italian food I've had outside Italy. It's tiny, it's cheap and it's completely laidback.

        1. I just cut and pasted this from another tread I responded to . . Another find was Sophieneck. This is another bar/restaurant I had read about on another website. I stumbled upon it at lunch time while I was exploring the area around the Haekischer Markt area. It was almost deserted at 1:00 p.m. and I was a little nervous. The menu was quite extensive, but I opted for lighter fare (hah!) a bratwurst with pan fried potatoes and sauerkraut. Wow! Everything tasted so fresh and clean. Very pleasant service and extremely reasonable. I wanted to go back for dinner, but never made it.

          Sophieneck, Grosse Hamburger Strasse 37.