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May 20, 2007 01:03 PM

Fried Eggs and Tequila {Trudy's @ Fruth]

I haven't eaten at Trudy's in years.The reason is obvious;the food does not support my personal creed of intense deliciousness on every plate.They really don't even try but that's not the reason Trudy's exists.Plentiful booze,free chips and salsa and a liberal smoking policy are what keeps this joint running full steam ahead.The food was decent.The eggs requested over medium came over easy[no big deal]the roasted redskins were not quite to the point of "seen better days"but were getting close[probably prepped yesterday and roasted around 6am this morning]the sausage could charitably be described as non descript...the toast,well it was toast.Mexican Martinis are the specialty of the house and were pretty decent;plenty Tres Generaciones and Cointreau are a good prescription for a Sunday morning starter.My eleven comrades all powered into their plates with aplomb...the starters of Jager bombs and Lonestar pints had clearly worked their magic... when I inquired as to the food a chorus of "hell yeahs" met me...loudly.Would I go back? a few years.

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  1. Did you eat there today? Do they serve booze before noon? If so, I'm there! I had a big night last night and just got my hair of the dog Bloody Mary at Brentwood Tavern. They use a good mix and add a little tabasco.....couldn't tell the brand. Bought a habanero and thai basil in the market on the way out...about to plant them now.

    Actually, the hamburger at Trudy's is pretty decent. Their wedge fries, if ordered crispy (and if they actually do it), definitely satisfy that french fry craving.. I don't really like any of their mexican food, though. And that's what they supposedly do. For an many times as I've been there and eaten (it was actually the very first restaurant that I went to in Austin circa 1991) I can't tell you one thing about the enchiladas, the salsa, the soup, or anything else. Patently bland. The funny thing is that Trudy's is the de facto place that my mother in law and brother in law want to go when they visit from Philly. They always order the "avocado bomb," which is the chicken stuffed avocado. It is called the "bomb" for what happens about six hours after eating!

    I absolutely hate the look, feel, and smell of the north location. I only go central.

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      I'll second the wedge fries. Particularly dipped in a little of their chipotle mayo. They're actually not too greasy, have a good moist texture within, and are a nice golden brown most of the time. Alas, I will confess that I have eaten at this Trudy's a fair # of times, but mainly b/c it is walking distance for me, they serve til 2:00AM, and my friends don't complain that it's another one of my "frou frou" eateries, ha. True, food is generally bland, esp. at breakfast (belgian waffles are obviously frozen, butter/syrup is not real, but hey, it's a tex-mex joint). Also, most of their dishes just taste the same to me. BUT, I have had a little hair of the dog there along with a bean/cheese n' hash-b breakfast taco way before noon! It could definitely be worse (read: my recent star seeds experience). That avocado contraption you mentioned though.... a friend of mine ordered it that a real avocado? It seemed to be glowing a shade of radioactive neon green beneath it's crispy, (fried bread crumb?) coating.... Reminded me of something Homer brought home from the power plant