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May 20, 2007 12:54 PM

Has anyone been to Hadaka Sushi on Sunset?

If so, can you tell me about the experience.

I'm wondering ithe following:

1. Is the food good?

2. Is the service good?

3. What is the atmosphere like?

Any other thoughts?

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  1. I've never been, but after seeing it in various media outlets I can honestly say I have no desire to go. The theme is sex & sushi, and the "naughty" menu consists of items called "sex beads," "cunnilingus," "smelly fingers" and "dirty sanchez." What's sad is that the names are totally arbitrary and don't even make sense. "Wet clam" is salmon, avocado, onions and miso aioli. Not even a hint of clam in there. Check out their menu on their website:

    Also of note, if you've got $1,000 or more to drop, you can request nyotaimori, where you eat sushi off of a naked woman.

    I have a sense of humor, but this way too much. Especially when you're trying to eat raw fish. I guess the sushi purist in me would much rather head to Little Tokyo or West LA for some awesome fish served by completely clothed sushi chefs.

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    1. re: TinyNancer

      And the $1100 doesn't even cover the cost of the food or the private room you need to rent for it!

    2. Yes- I went to the pre-opening party. Personally, I think it's a joke. Being from Japan, I have certainly heard of this phenomenon before but it is usually in a private party-like setting. Having a restaurant built around the concept of eating sushi off of naked women is silly.

      1) No, the food isn't good. Mediocre sushi, strange mix of appetizers
      2) N/A- since it was a party
      3) The restaurant, on the outside, looks like an IHOP- completely wrong for a Japanese restaurant, although I wouldn't call Hadaka sushi a Japanese restaurant. With so many great sushi options in Los Angeles, don't waste your money, unless you're throwing a bachelor party or something.

      Tuna Toast-

      1. Was invited here for a friend's birthday and went, against my will...
        I gave it a chance and was hoping to be pleasantly surprised, but the food really is terrible, as bad as the goofy innuendo's...and things just got worse from there. Ultimately rude & arrogant manager/owner guy with an atttude that permeated throughout (not to mention Napoleon complex). Two servers were VERY quick to openly bad-mouth him.
        Atmosphere is consistent with the above... seemed like it was all birthdays/bachelor parties.
        After seeing how this place is run, and who is running it, do not think it will be around long...too much of a novelty even for its location.

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        1. re: 5195

          Thanks for the insights. Great comments. Guess I'll stick to somewhere like Katsu-ya in Brentwood for sushi and eye candy. That seems to be where most people recommend for that.

          Please advise.

          1. re: FDawson

            There's plenty of eye candy at Katana and Koi as well.

            1. re: hrhboo

              I am a Japanese from Japan.
              I will never go back to Katsuya or Koi for sushi.
              Living in L.A. for 10 yearas, there is only one great sushi place in Los Angeles so far.
              We have different taste, I guess...

              1. re: rinka

                and what is this "only one great sushi place in Los Angeles so far."??

                  1. re: rinka

                    you've gotta be kidding? don't get me wrong, its good for their more fusiony foods, but when you compare their sushi to other joints, matsuhisa doesn't even make my top 5.

                    1. re: wilafur

                      Nor mine - and I've been watching this thread like a hawk for days!

                1. re: rinka

                  Oh I wasn't implying that the sushi there is good! FDawson is looking for sushi and eycandy, and those places have both.

                  1. re: rinka

                    Just wanted to post so I can easily track this thread in My Chow. Awaiting response from rinka..

                    1. re: slacker

                      Matsuhisa seems or sounds well known for great Hot Food, however I say the restaurant is great for Sushi incdludes the service. Hot Food is just fine.

                      1. re: rinka

                        Oh. Matsuhisa. Thanks for posting.

            2. I did a recent on Hadaka Sushi. Check out the link below and you'll see a link in my write-up to see pictures.


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              1. re: pleasurepalate

                On DeepEndDining, he actually brought a video recorder and interviewed people there, including one of the ladies on which the sushi were being served!