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May 20, 2007 12:53 PM

I Need Help With Leftover Ham

I've got about three cups of leftover baked ham, already cubed, and need something interesting to do with it. I'm not in the mood for soup and made two quiches this morning. I've looked at recipes for ham salad but don't think I'd like them. Same goes for ham loaf -- most call for adding a pound or more of ground pork to the ham and the last thing I want is more pork. I was thinking of gruyere and ham crepes but the filling recipes I found online have sour cream in them, which does not appeal to me either. Does anyone have a good crepe filling recipe or suggest some other tasty way to unload this ham?

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  1. Mmmmmm. Make a big pot of baked beans to freeze for a Memorial Day cook out. Make a pot of lentils (sort of like soup, but you can serve it over rice). Add the chopped ham to an omelette. You can make crepes without sour cream. Just shred gruyere and add with the ham to the hot crepes. You can top with a sauce, such as hollandaise, if you wish. Make a jambalaya using the ham instead of, or in addition to, sausage. By the way, I freeze cubed baked ham in plastic bags - so you don't have to use it immediately.

    1. Not particularly interesting, but for something a bit lighter, you could just put ham over your greens/veggies of choice and top with a low fat honey mustard salad dressing for a healthy entree salad. It would also be good in scrambled eggs.

      1. Fried rice, put on pizza, hashbrown casserole

        1. I always like ham in macaroni and cheese. :-)

          1. Personally, I would freeze it as is, in smaller potions. Just right for a fast defrost for quick omlettes, salads, crepes etc. One long hectic day from now, you will be glad you did it.