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May 20, 2007 12:28 PM

Fresh fried NE clams in Annapolis?

Anybody have a recommendation, app or entree, price irrelevant?

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  1. Unfortunately, there ain't no such animal in these parts. Cantler's is the only place I know that serves whole fried clams -- and they're OK. Black Salt in DC has great fried clams, just like NE, and Kinkeads' are excellent too.

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    1. re: chesapeake72000

      We had them recently at Legal Seafood, Inner Harbor, they were better than Cantler's, but still not like what you get in New England.

      1. re: Carolcrof

        Yes, I've had them at Kincaid's and Legal, but not Black Salt or Cantler's, and I heard Hank's in DC also has them.
        Oh, well.

      2. re: chesapeake72000

        you can get them here and they are excellent just like cape cod

        1. re: chesapeake72000

          you can get them here and they are excellent just like cape cod yummy

        2. I know you are looking for something in Annapolis but I know they have them at Hank's Oyster Bar in Dupont Circle. I haven't had them before but I'm sure they are really good since that restaurant does has excellent food...and usually stands up to my Native Bostonian test! :)

          1. Do you mean the whole belly fried clams that they serve at clam shacks on Cape cod? I love them! I have not seen them served anywhere in the Baltimore/Annapolis/DC area. Has anyone? or is the post just talking about regular fried clam strips?

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              Yes, I mean the whole belly fried clams. I've also had them a few times at the Island Inn in Stevensville on Main St., just over the Kent Narrows Bridge.