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May 20, 2007 12:11 PM

(Ft. Worth) Love Shack

Who all has gone here? What's your opinion?

I was disappointed that they only serve the burgers medium because that means no M-R for me and my parents will throw a fit if i ever try to get a burger there with them (since they like them charred). However, it was a good medium, with some pink remaining in the middle and in thicker parts. I think the patty was about 1/3 pound. It came out directly off the grill and hot.

Great crust on the meat
Good seasoning
Something had a real nice celery seed flavor. Either he's using bread and butter pickles or the "love sauce" has it in there. Either way it was a great way to add simple flavor to a standard.
I dig the Mrs. Baird's buns... some may not.
Very well constructed with perfect amount of cheese

no medium rare
Sub-par veggies
Slightly greasy for my taste
Untoasted bun (ok... i'm nitpicking)

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  1. the celery seed is probably from the pickles. they make their own

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      There may be other posts, but........

      I was looking forward to trying this and was disappointed overall.

      Love Shack is truly more of a stand that is sandwiched between two buildings. The tables are open air as is the kitchen. I feel a bit sorry for the cooks because that kitchen is so damn small. Parkins can be a problem at times.
      The tables are not ADA accessible or good for infants.

      I agree that the meat had a really nice crust and was cookied a perfect medium. The flavor of the meat was very good and "beefy"

      Perhaps I ordered the wrong item, but the Love Sauce dominated the flavor of the burger. I can not say for sure, but I detected strong overtones of yellow curry (or spices that make up yellow curry). To be fair, I really dislike yellow curry and perhaps if I was a fan, it would have been heavenly. I eventually removed the bun and sauce and ate the burger by itself.

      The fries were a frozen institutional style and disappointed.

      Onion rings had more promise, but were very greasy and I love greasy. Not sure if the ranch is housemade, but was good.

      I did like the lemonade and bottled sodas.

    2. 110 E Exchange St
      Fort Worth, TX 76164
      (817) 740-8812

      I thought this was a great place, although, I was there on a day that temps were only in the upper 80's. It's a small, outdoor, somewhat narrow strip (almost alley-like), nestled between 2 buildings, which are quite functional at providing a good amount of shade. You enter at the street and at the other end is an amply sized stage. On this day - Friday - there was a 2 man, throwback to the 70's, duo playing music a la Willie and the boy's. I didn't notice until we were leaving, but there is an upstairs patio overlooking the street. This would be ideal for people watching, beer drinking and kicking back to some honky-tonk music. The "A/C system" is powered by misters and mounted oscillating fans, which did a adequate job at moving air and providing some cool.

      The burgers, made from fresh ground tenderloin and brisket, are really tasty and I would highly recommend if you are anywhere near the area (Stockyards) and wanting a burger that is hand-patted - perhaps into a very irregular shape - and grilled in the fashion of yesteryear - somewhat charred, maybe a little crispy, on the outside compliments of a flat-top grill. I'll add that the sauce is a chipotle mayo - I think.... and if you like pickles, you'll be in pickle heaven here as they make their own and are very generous. I had six large discs on my burger.

      The onion rings are the shoestring variety and dipped in a light, delicately spicy hot seasoned batter. REALLY good!

      Back at street level, you place and pick-up your order, and as you leave, you can order a beer to go as you walk thru the Stockyards enjoying other sites.

      1. My wife and I tried it last Summer and fell in love with the burger. I prefer rare but the tenderness and quality of the beef made medium passable. The Mayonaise and quail egg were a delight. Cold beer, music and people watching. A good way to sepend a couple of hours. I highly recommend it.

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