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May 20, 2007 11:57 AM

Wing Hing Deli

This used to be one of my fav chinese joints that was located in Alhambra/MontereyPark on the South side of Valley Blvd. and one block west of Garfield Avenue. They remodeled that entire corner Bldg. and Wing Hing never re-opened. Does anyone remember this place? Hint: Two sisters and their husbands owned and operated this wonderful place. I am hoping that someone knows where they may have relocated.

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  1. A couple of years ago, they opened up a place in that mini-mall area next to Mervyn's on the corner of Main & Garfield. Same good food, same two ladies and their husbands. Unfortunately, they sold the business about a year or so ago, and the new place is just not the same. I think they might have sold it for heath reasons, but I'm selfish and wish that they were still there. :) Not a week goes by when someone in my family wishes that it were still around.

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      Thank you Sleepyquan!
      That was my wifes' favorite FAVORITE chinese restaurant. We wish that family nothing but good health as they were such nice folks. Do you have any restaurant recommendations that have food similar to Wing Hing? We have tried many many restaurants in the SGV and many are very good but not like Wing Hing.

      1. re: Pakkai

        Well, nothing is quite the same as Wing Hing, but my famiy goes to Won Tin sometimes (corner of Main & Hidalgo in Alhambra). Some friends of the family go to Sam Woo on Valley, but again, nothing compares!

        Good luck - and if you find somewhere similar, let me know!

        1. re: Sleepyquan

          I will.
          Won Tin is on my agenda, as I'm the official family guinea pig.
          I am a fan of the Sam Woo chain and have tried many of them, including the one in Las Vegas. Excellent.
          Thanks Again!

    2. i miss them too; i even did a search in the hopes that someone might know where they went after they left the mall on garfield & main. i especially miss the steamed ground pork with chinese sausage that they'd make though it wasn't on the menu. and both waitresses (who were sisters) look just like my mom.