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May 20, 2007 11:07 AM

Any Culinary experiences from Michoacan?

Have any chowhounds ever been? What did you have, what did you like, and where?

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  1. Yes, we live full time in Michoacán.
    Here are a few of the outstanding dishes that we have so far tried:
    Carnitas estilo Quiroga.
    Barbacoa in Quiroga.
    Corundas con rajas, salsa, crema y queso.
    Atole de grano ( a soup of the evening, beautiful soup)

    And more birria, a different style, in Tangancícuaro.

    All available in Pátzcuaro and neighboring towns, except as noted.

    Another treat, found mostly in Morelia, are the "Gaspachos Morelianos", large cups of mixed, chopped tropical fruit laced with chile, aged cheese, salt on lime o como te gusta. These in the photo are in Pátzcuaro, in the mercado. Front row, backed by a chorus of other fruit treats.

    Street food in general. Note that some of the photos in this gallery are from Mexico City and elsewhwere, but they are captioned.

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      Yeah I wish I could just "get out and go". I'm here in L.A. I have family through-out the state. The food is incentive enough. Thanks for the info

    2. Ollie, there are quite a few posts about Michoacan already on this board. Look for threads about Patzcuaro (excellent street dining), Morelia, Quiroga, Uruapan. This is a popular CH destination. Patzcuaro is good for nieves, enchiladas placeras, tacos, atole de grano, sopa tarasco and a myriad of other items. Morelia does better with the upscale dining since it's a much large city with deep colonial roots. Las Mirasoles, Las Mercedes, the restaurant at the Villa Montana all do good Mexican food. Mirasoles also offers a Purepecha menu. A lot of the sidewalk cafes in the portales in Morelia are quite nice. I like Cafe Europa, and the Best Western Casino cafe does a very nice breakfast. There are two small cafes on the Plaza de las Rosas that are a relaxing and pleasant place for coffee and a nibble, but my recent experience was that service was slow and not terribly efficient, even by Mexican standards.

      Carnitas are the specialty of Michoacan and I've eaten them all over the state. A lot of people swear by Quiroga, I wasn't so impressed. The best carnitas I've had in Michoacan were in Zamora, not exactly on the tourist track.

      Corundas and uchepos are the Michoacan version of the tamal. Corundas are large, triangluar masa packets wrapped in fresh corn husks (see photo below). Michoacan is a dairy state and corundas are often filled with doble crema or other cheese. Uchepos are usually small and unfilled. I find them a little on the sweet side, but I do like them.

      From the culinary standpoint, Michoacan rivals Oaxaca and exceeds most other Mexican states. The dining options are diverse and plentiful.

      Are you looking for something in particular?

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        1. My SO when I lived in DF had a home in Michoacan where we spent many lovely weekends. She introduced me to huitlacoche, that curious, blue-black fungus that sometimes camps out on corn. I used to call it "corn cancer", but her soups and casseroles with huitlacoche were so delicious that I was an easy convert to the delicacy. In season, we would drive around endlessly to every little town where little ladies had collected it for sale, and we bought all of it that we could find. It freezes OK. Of course it not limited to Michoacan. BTW, the regional art of Michoacan, wooden items featuring lillies and hummingbirds with cobalt blue lacquer, is very distinctive.

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            And, of course, in summer, other mushrooms are sold, but they are not necessarily unique to Michoacán.
            Other, lesser known Michoacán foods are "huaráz", or "Raíz de chayote", a balnd and somewhat startchy tuber that takes on a new personality when par-cooked, peeled,sliced, battered and fried, then simmered in a salsa colorada.This is commonly found in "La Ca˜ãda de los Once Pueblos", between Carapan and Zamora.