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May 20, 2007 10:56 AM

Grilled Scamorza (smoked cheese)

I had this as an appetizer in an Italian restaurant (Robertos' in the Bronx) recently. It was served with red peppers, black olives and arugula. I want to recreate this tonight but am not sure how to cook the cheese. Last time I did it in the oven and it was a melted mess.
Should I flour the slices? Use a non-stick pan? Cook in oil or without?

Any tips will be appreciated! Thanks.

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  1. This blog has some info ...

    "I grilled the scamorza till both sides showed a nice crunchy brown crust. My first try grilling scamorza was a disaster, cheese spreading from pan to bread in very long threads. I had forgotten a basic trick to grill this cheese. Before lifting it from the grill pan one should wait about a minute off the fire so the cheese keeps together (because the crust is now mice and crunchy) while the "core" keeps nicely gooey"

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      UPDATE: Thanks for posting that link; I had read it and did wait to lift the cheese from the pan. But I used a non-stick pan and most of the delicious crust was still left on the bottom, which made it difficult to turn the slices. When I saw this, I added some olive oil which I think would be the way to go next time: Olive oil in a non-stick pan. I served the slices over boiled broccoli rabe and scattered roasted red pappers and tomatoes (next time I might use sun-dried tomatoes) on the plate. With slices of toasted ciabatta it was a really gret dinner, even if we did lose some of the crust!