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At the fifth av. fair Trois Pommes, a patissreie on fifth between Carol and Garfield that will open in a week, sold excellent brownies and a very good strawberry rhubarb crumb tart. The brownie had vibrant chocolate flavor and just the right touch (for me) of richness. The tart featured its fresh fruit to its seasonal best, and given the weather so far this was fine work.
Could it be? Can brooklyn have gotten a great bakery. Storm the doors next week and give what looks to be a gem a fast start.

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  1. Ya I hope they come out strong, they're standing in the shadows of the great Tempo.

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      Did anyone else try the amazing (and super-bargain at just $1) valrhona chocolate brownies? Seriously good. I usually do not like a brownie with frosting, but there was something so balanced and perfect about the creamy-but-not-too-sweet nature of this frosting with the light-but-rich brownie... Good sign, I think, that they ran out before the end of the street fair! I'm sure the price was just a street fair/grand-opening special, but it did its job--I'm hooked!

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        Prices TOO HIGH, not enough variety. I hope they come around!

      2. i popped in early yesterday morning and snatched up one of the best blueberry muffins in the hood. it wasn't too sweet, it was moist and had an excellent blueberry to cake ratio. it had some nice crunchy topping. i'm looking forward to trying their other goodies.

        1. I hope they do well. I was a little turned off by the prices - $3.50 for a cupcake is a bit rich for my blood. That blows away even Magnolia!

          1. I had a scone there yesterday; it was small so a bit pricey at $2.00. However, it was probably the best scone I've ever eaten in NY - crispy but delicate on the outside, and light and soft on the inside.

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              Agreed, Bookistan - I had a chocolate chip scone there recently and would call it the best I've had since living here. It was the perfect combination of crispy, perfectly dry (the beauty of scones is that they're all butter but still taste crumbly), and with slightly melted chocolate chips. However, I think I paid more like $2.50!? Which I find too high. I'd love to have this be a commute standby, but am annoyed by the prices every time I walk in.

            2. I had the caramel crunch ice cream last weekend, and it was incredible. Extraordinarily flavorful, creamy and satisfying.

              1. Had the strawberry-rhu tart (delicious) and Gorilla coffee (delicious, strong, YEAH!)
                the most exciting thing to me . . .
                they sell bread from Balthazar.

                1. We just returned from this bakery where we started off with very high hopes. The baked goods looked beautiful, as did the ice cream. We tried the aforementioned brownie, which seemed way too expensive for $3.00. It was not even that good--it was really small, ice cold, and tasted like it had been frozen or something. Although, it probably tasted better at room temp., it was very definitely not worth the price. My husband had a small decaf Americano and while he said it was really good, he was truly appalled when they charged him $3.50 (according to him at least, the same thing runs $2.00 @ Starbucks). We also had a sorbet and ice cream, which were both nice, but not spectacular. A few people came in and out of the place while we were there and sampled a taste of the ice cream, but did not buy anything. (could it be that the quality did not match the prices they were charging?) I do not mind paying for incredible quality, but if what we tried is any indication, it's not there with this place. I also do not like trashing a new business, but if they have the chutzpah to charge such exorbitant prices, I believe they are fair game. I also found it interesting that they are selling homemade oreos, and peanut butter sandwich cookies, (also the ice cream) in direct competition with next door tempo.

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                    A previous thread offered some opinions on the prices at Trois Pommes:


                    Admittedly, real estate is very expensive on both Fifth and Seventh Aves., necessitating
                    such prices. Nonetheless, I find it hard to justify spending $4 on a cupcake.

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                      hmmmm...the large coffee is $2,
                      the (very perfect and excellent) baguette from Balthazar is $3
                      I don't know the price on the rhubarb tart since The Loved One brought it home, but it was quality!

                      I've since tried their sticky pecan bun (@$2.75, since we are keeping score) and found it too sweet, but with a nice yeast roll. I hope they tweak it.
                      The people working there are nice as pie, and what I've had so far is pretty excellent.
                      Good thing I'm not tempted by $4 cupcakes . . .
                      : )
                      and thx famdoc - I missed that other thread

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                        This week the peach raspberry tart slowed the day down to a Joplin rag. Really beautiful combination of fruits in a classic enclosed pie. Great

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                          Their chocolate gelato with cookie chunks is to die for!

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                            The basil ice cream is excellent. If their prices really are too high (I don't buy enough pastries to really know) then they will find out soon enough. There's plenty of competition in the neighborhood.

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                              ive been there twice since they opened to get cakes before taking the subway. first one was a chocolate cake...i think it was flourless but ultra dense. the chocolate was perfect...without being too sweet. everyone loved it.

                              the second thing i bought was a peach raspberry pie that once again, everyone couldnt say enough about.

                              at $25 and $30 its ridiculous but its close to my apt and perfect on my way to the subway.

                  2. I just went there to get some dessert for dinner, and was mildly impressed with the selection. I just moved to Brooklyn from North Carolina, and I can't tell you how surprised I was to see Red Velvet cupcakes in a New York bakery. I'll let you know how the desserts are.

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                      ugh...next door tempo presto has been doing them since they opened.

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                        I like them, but mostly as a piece of nostalgia. They're tasty, but they're not that exciting. It must be strange not to have grown up with them at church suppers and things and to see them at a bakery. You must wonder what the fuss is about.