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May 20, 2007 10:48 AM


At the fifth av. fair Trois Pommes, a patissreie on fifth between Carol and Garfield that will open in a week, sold excellent brownies and a very good strawberry rhubarb crumb tart. The brownie had vibrant chocolate flavor and just the right touch (for me) of richness. The tart featured its fresh fruit to its seasonal best, and given the weather so far this was fine work.
Could it be? Can brooklyn have gotten a great bakery. Storm the doors next week and give what looks to be a gem a fast start.

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  1. Ya I hope they come out strong, they're standing in the shadows of the great Tempo.

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      Did anyone else try the amazing (and super-bargain at just $1) valrhona chocolate brownies? Seriously good. I usually do not like a brownie with frosting, but there was something so balanced and perfect about the creamy-but-not-too-sweet nature of this frosting with the light-but-rich brownie... Good sign, I think, that they ran out before the end of the street fair! I'm sure the price was just a street fair/grand-opening special, but it did its job--I'm hooked!

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        Prices TOO HIGH, not enough variety. I hope they come around!

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        1. i popped in early yesterday morning and snatched up one of the best blueberry muffins in the hood. it wasn't too sweet, it was moist and had an excellent blueberry to cake ratio. it had some nice crunchy topping. i'm looking forward to trying their other goodies.

          1. I hope they do well. I was a little turned off by the prices - $3.50 for a cupcake is a bit rich for my blood. That blows away even Magnolia!

            1. I had a scone there yesterday; it was small so a bit pricey at $2.00. However, it was probably the best scone I've ever eaten in NY - crispy but delicate on the outside, and light and soft on the inside.

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                Agreed, Bookistan - I had a chocolate chip scone there recently and would call it the best I've had since living here. It was the perfect combination of crispy, perfectly dry (the beauty of scones is that they're all butter but still taste crumbly), and with slightly melted chocolate chips. However, I think I paid more like $2.50!? Which I find too high. I'd love to have this be a commute standby, but am annoyed by the prices every time I walk in.