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May 20, 2007 10:20 AM

BBQ caterer in Pinellas (north or south)--recs, please?

We're going to host a BBQ at a local park next month. I'm looking for recs for caterers who do BBQ ribs, chicken, and or brisket and all the sides right, and will bring their cooker to the park for our party. We'll actually choose our locale based on the caterer we choose and their delivery area! Any recommendations from Pinellas-based Hounds?

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  1. It's not in Pinellas, but I believe they do cater to the entire bay area. First Choice BBQ in Brandon. Definitely worth giving them a call. If they'll do it, you won't be disappointed. Their BBQ is fabulous...but their sides are amazing.

    First Choice Southern BBQ
    10113 Adamo Dr
    Tampa, FL 33619-2656View Map
    (813) 621-7434

    1. I would suggest Georgia Boys BBQ, which is located in Oldsmar, on St. Petersburg Dr.. Very downhome, southern style BQ. Almost too good to believe.

      1. I just tried Georgia Boy, for the first time. It's good, but not in a class with Eli's, Big John's Alabama (in Tampa) or even Pit Boss (in Palm Harbor). Just a tad expensive, too, I thought.

        1. How about M-N-M BBQ - The guys that are at the Saturday Morning Market in St Pete.

          Have only had their BBQ one time - a pork sandwich which was quite good. They were out of ribs by the time I got there (12ish) - and I would have sampled those too :)

          1. The original comment has been removed