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May 20, 2007 10:15 AM

Whole Fish in San Francisco

Looking for a restaurant in the city with a great whole fish preparation. Style, ethnicity and price do not matter for I just want a tasty fish.

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  1. Incanto has an excellent whole fish-of-the-day as a standard on the menu.

    1. Lots of Hong Kong Chinese places, e.g. Best Panda.

      Rose Pistola always has a couple of whole fish roasted in the wood oven.

      I think Lulu always has one as well.

      Incanto always has a fish entree, but it's not usually a whole fish.

      1. The original comment has been removed
        1. Not on their current sample menu. I think La Ciccia's like Incanto, sometimes they have whole roasted small fish, other times they have filets or soups/stews of larger fish.

        2. Kokkari's has it and it's a wonderful restaurant.

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            Had a whole branzino two weeks ago at Kokkari. (Still) Highly recommended.

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              Ditto, I had the whole bass wood roasted a few weeks ago at Kokkari and it was great.

            2. Slanted Door makes a good whole fish.

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                I had it once and while the fish was nicely fried, I didn't really like the thick, clear sauce served with it. Not sure if this is the same version you had though.