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May 20, 2007 09:32 AM

PG Tips loose tea?

Has anyone noticed boxes of PG Tips loose tea in any local stores? I see the bags all the time but not loose, and I prefer the latter. I've looked in a few Indian stores as well as the Harvest Coop in Central Square as that's where I've gotten it in the past. Any confirmed sightings would be really appreciated ... it's a white box with Green and Red lettering.

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  1. I vaguely remember reading about a new fancy British tea store in one of the local magazines/weeklies. I think it's somewhere in the Back Bay, but I'm not sure. perhaps someone will chime in.

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      PG Tips isn't fancy. It's really basic 4 p.m. tea (think Barry's in Ireland), and that I think is why it's not so available here.

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        That would be Whittard of Chelsea on Newbury. We bought some whole coffee beans there a few weeks ago. The coffee is, eh. Beans lack the rich, oily appearance that we look for in our beans. The tea selection was much wider. yumyum might have better luck with the small market in Davis Sq. which is Indian-owned but isn't there a sign for English or Irish foods in the window? You probably already checked out Shalimar market in Central Sq. since you were already at the Harvest?

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          Yep, Shalimar was the first place I looked. Bags only. I'll call Cardullos. Oh! And it occurs to me that a Boston area chowhound is taking a trip to Blighty soon. I might have to bribe her to mule the tea back for me.

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            Oily appearence you are looking for is entirely a product of how dark the roast is, not the quality of the coffee. You basically have to go French Roast or Italian to get that dark color and oily appearence:


            Or for the true coffe nerd:


        2. Not a confirmed sighting, but Cardullo's in Harvard Square does have a very wide selection of packaged teas - might be worth giving them a call. Of course, if they do have it the price will be, well, slightly less than actually flying to England to pick up a box.

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            Cardullo's does for sure -- you're right, the bags are easy to find.

            (sidenote: I love everyday British I posted on London Craigslist for a trade: something American (maybe an ex-pat has a craving) for as many bags of PG Tips you can cram in an envelope. Needless to say my fellow American living in London was craving Pepperidge Farm Stuffing, so we made a trans-Atlantic trade. It was fun, but in the end cheaper to pay the horrifying price at Cardullo's.)

          2. KIKI'S in Brighton... They have a good selection of all irish products///

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              Market Basket carries PG Tips in bags, not loose.

            2. I agree with the other posters that there's nothing special at all about PG Tips, hence why I think you'd have an almost impossible time finding the loose tea in a local store.

              The closest to "local" I can come up with is British Delights in Westford (they do mailorder):

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                Thanks, and yes, I know there's nothing special about PG Tips. It's just the tea I grew up on, and a critical component of my house blend. Ran out last week when chowmom was in town visiting. It was a tea kind of week!

              2. Kalustyan's in NYC has it...they do mail's the link...


                The item # looks like 363PO6...(a bit blurry on my monitor)

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