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May 20, 2007 09:28 AM

Barcelona - need guidance

My wife and I are seriously considering a vacation to BCN July 23 thru around August 4...
it's our only time to travel until Xmas. We are avid travellers and this a bad idea?
Any do not miss recommendations especially hole-in-the-wall joints. Recommendations on
hotels are also welcomed (not shy to spend money).

We are really on the fence about this knowing it may be tres hot and it is a traditional holiday period for most of Europe.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. tres hot it will be, and as far as vacation, it starts in august for spaniards...are you worried the city will be empty or what is your concern?

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    1. re: shiromaguro

      Concerns are less about the weather but more that many restaurants may be closed for summer holiday. Is this the case??

      1. re: dle

        Some will be closed for August, while others won't. And some don't close for the entire month, so it just varies by owner. I suggest calling the restaurants you want to visit and scheduling the ones that will close in August for that last week of July that you'll be there. Then hit the others after that.

    2. Reccomendation for a hotel is rent an appt. They were cheaper for a weak and there were some really neat ones in all areas, we got ours at I believe... bf did it so I can't remember the exact site. I know money wasn't an object, but still very very cool places. We also liked that there was a kitchen so I could make breakfast, try my hand at some spansh recipes and we could have bottles of cava and etc in the fridge.