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Help, I'm going to be in Whittier and need good Mexican food

Will be in Whittier this coming week for a college graduation and want to know where I can have some good Mexican food --- also, are there any good hotdog places around (will be going to Pink's on a "field trip"). Thanks!

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  1. El Taco Nazo on Beach just south of La Habra Blvd is nearby. Get fish or shrimp tacos.

    1. If time is really tight and you need convenience, then you might try Puffy's Tacos in La Habra or El Camino in Santa Fe Springs (get the chicken fajitas with corn tortillas -- trust me).

      1. Something I wrote back in March:

        Uptown Whittier - Restaurant Sierra Verde

        Located a few doors up from the Whittier Theater, tried it today after a movie. It's a little restaurant, 7 or eight tables indoors and a LARGE patio in back. It's not a full service joint but the typical order at the counter family place. The menu is large, there is two or three so don't be afraid to ask if you don't see something you want.
        I had the enchilada de pollo plate, came with three slim enchiladas, rice beans and a small-ish salad. The rice, fluffy wasn't the typical Spanish rice I was raised on and used to. But was a good complement to the beans. The beans were a little wetter than I was used to but tasted very good with the qeso de fresca on top. The enchiladas are slim, not the typical Norte enchi's Angelenos are used to but there are three of them. The enchi was well filled with chicken, moist and tastey. The enchi sauce was tasty also, a little spicy but complemented the dish well.
        All in all a very good meal and I would recommend a visit if your in the uptown Whittier area.

        Restaurant Sierra Verde
        7022 Greenleaf Ave
        Whittier, Ca. 90602
        (562) 698-4760

        And I would recommend instead of Pinks : Carnies on Sunset, Larry's in Burbank and Chronies in East L.A. (a few minutes ride from Whittier). There are all sorts of revues here just do a search.

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          Chronie's is a true classic on the real eastside (not the bogus Silver Lake/Los Feliz definition thrown around here), Good hot dogs and burgers.

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            Yeah, Chronie's is true OLD SKOOL. Their burgers, amazing! What they call a pocket burger I believe it's 1/8 lb. Have you tried the chili fries? Makes sure to get them crispy so they last longer in the chili.
            There isn't another stand like it in L.A.

        2. Molcasalsa on Beach about 1 mile north of Imperial Highway. YUM! And super cheap... this is ghetto fabulous take-out counter grub. Get the 5 rolled tacos (shredded beef taquitos) that come DOUSED with guac and a MOUNTAIN of shreddy cheese. With a pina soda your total... around $3.50! LOVE IT!

          P.S. If you order chips & pico de gallo (freshly fried no less) they usually don't charge.

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            Those rolled tacos at Molcasalsa are really one of the tastiest bargains around. Hard to spend a lot of money there.

          2. Chema's Tacos on Whittier a block West of Hadley (~1 mile east of the 605). Fantastic tacos. Get mostly Al Pastor and a couple asada.

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              Chema's is fantastic. But it is a real whole in the wall kind of place. And they sell
              just tacos.

            2. This isn't Mexican, but isn't there a branch of (the excellent Peruvian chicken place) Pollo a la Brasa in Whittier? Has anyone been to that branch?

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                oops, my mistake -- I misread their flyer -- there's a Pollo a la Brasa on Whittier *Ave* in Montebello...

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                  I am assuming that you will be in the Uptown Whittier area for a Whittier College graduation. Are you looking for a sit down or a take-out place?...and for how many people? In Whittier there are hole-in-the walls and restaurants that will seat many. The uptown area has a few nice Mexican restaurants on Greenleaf Ave. and a couple more on Philadelphia.

                  BTW: Pollo a la Brasa in Montebello has closed and the Puffy tacos in La Habra (which was on Imperial and Euclid) is also gone.

              2. Zumaya's, on Greenleaf across the street from the Radisson.

                1. Thought I'll post here even though the request is outdated.

                  Found a good Mexican joint at Whittier. It's called Cilantros Tacos and it's located at the Rose Plaza, 16533 Whittier Blvd.

                  Had the chile rellenos, bean & cheese burrito, and a torta with carnitas (covered with a sauce). All were good (the carnita needs some sauce to punch it up more), and I believe the flour tortillas were handmade - very, very thin. It doesn't look like much on the outside, but the restaurant occupies 2 storefronts and one side is the kitchen, and the other has ample seating (most are barstools).

                  I am happy that I finally find a local source of good rellenos so I can quit making it at home (major pain), and my picky son is very happy with his bean & cheese.

                  1. (Like another poster, I know this is an outdated request, BUT...)

                    I've been working part-time in Whittier since July and have been on a quest to find good Mexican lunches. For a decent-sized town at the cultural edge of East L.A., Whittier's Mexican food has struck me as universally uninspired, "American-ized", and in some cases, downright unappetizing, so I often just go over the hill to Hacienda Hts. for Chinese.

                    So I was glad to find a few Mexican dishes being served at "Churrolandia Bakery", a sort of jack-of-all-trades bakery (boba tea and hot dogs next to empanadas and French-y pasteries) that one would never assume from the many colorful banners and signs out front actually has what may be the best cheap Mexican food in town. So far, I've just had the machaca and egg burrito, a chile relleno plate and a wet carnitas burrito (the best of the latter item that I've ever had in L.A., which for this addict is saying something). The carne asada plate looked good too.

                    I can't speak for the churros, juices, club sandwiches, or anything else - it appears that they've been trying to move many different types of items over the years, sort of a trial-and-error approach.

                    Churrolandia Bakery & The Funnel Cake Factory (see what I mean?)
                    7303 Greenleaf Ave.
                    Whittier, CA 90602
                    (across from the Radisson, just up from Zumaya's)

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                      The stuffed churros were good - at least I presume it to be as my son ate it all before I can even sample. It's freshly fried to order. The plain churros were a bit too dry - need some hot chocolate for dipping.

                      Didn't care for their empanadas. Anyway, give Cilantros a try. Also down at La Habra there's my old standby - Taco Nazo.