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May 20, 2007 08:51 AM

Help!!! My Darien dad needs a romantic restaurant to take Mom for their 40th wedding anniversary!!!!

He should have researched this earlier and is going to be in BIG trouble if he doesn't come up with something good. To complicate matters, their anniversary is on Monday (Memorial Day). He's willing to travel up to 45 minutes from Darien, right now the frontrunner is Bernard's. Dad is going to check out Colline Verte this afternoon, has had bad experiences at The Homestead and Le Cremillere. Has anyone been to Dressing Room (the Paul Newman restaurant in Westport) or National "something" (also in Westport, we don't know the name)? There is no budget, just wants really romantic so he can wow Mom. While all you CHounds are working on this assignment I will be doing my part to find him a gift... Thanks in advance! N

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  1. I think you're talking about the Inn at National Hall in Westport. It's a BEAUTIFUL hotel, but I have never heard anything about the restaurant there.

    Bernard's is a good choice though and I've heard the food is outstanding. Some more food for thought:

    Blue Hill

    Schoolhouse at Cannondale

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      I've been to Blue Hill in NYC and it is great. What is the atmosphere of the Pontico Hills restaurant? That is really important.

      1. re: Nikki NYC

        The atmosphere of the Pocantico Hills place is lovely. Rolling farmland that as you drive up, beautiful stone buildings, patios, herb gardens. Inside is very lovely as well. Absolutely nothing to complain about. Except, it is *very* hard to get reservations there.

    2. Has Dad considered a dinner cruise? I don't know if World Yacht has access at a Connecticut port but it is romantic, the dinner is pretty decent and there is music and dancing...all while you float around the Hudson or possibly Long Island Sound. Check out cruises in his area.

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        I think a dinner cruise might be too adventurous for Mom. It's an interesting thought, though. Thanks for the suggestions. I'll mention it to Dad and let him decide.

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          Have you been there? If so, how was the food? There have been some pretty mediocre reviews on that place.

          1. re: Nikki NYC

            Last report is that it's on the downside of its run. Jfoods went there two summers ago and thought it was good but not great then a good friend who jfood trusts went last fall and did not even give it the same review telling me it's OK.

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              The original chef from L'escale left last summer and went to Sunset Grille in Norwalk.

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                Very interesting. Is that the place on Calf Pasture that burnt down? They were rebuilding last jfood heard but wasn't it a shack before the fire? And the chef from L'Escale went there? Must be very different from pre-fire.

                1. re: jfood

                  Yup, the place burnt to the ground and they rebuilt it last summer. And they built it to look EXACTLY the same as it was before.

        2. Here's the update: not unexpectedly, every place I called was closed for Memorial Day except La Panetiere in Rye. The person who took the reservation was wonderful and the menu looks very nice. He said he would take good care of my parents, and we (me, sister, and gramma) will be sending them a bottle of champagne. P.S. Dad still hasn't chosen a gift...

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          1. re: Nikki NYC

            Good choice! We got engaged in La Panatiere and go there every year for our anniversary dinner. Service is wonderful and food delicious. They've even lightened the menu throughout the years. Less cream and butter, more refined.

          2. The Cobbs Mill Inn in Weston is very romantic, Zagat's rated it the most romantic restaurant in CT many years in a row. Good luck!