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May 20, 2007 08:12 AM

Chef's Table at Providence

We are going on Friday to Providence, party of four. Planning on doing the market tasting menu, should we ask for chef's table? what exactly is it? is it in the kitchen or just a view of the kitchen?

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  1. It is a small private room at one end of the kitchen with a glass window front. There is a kind of beautiful synchronicity that can be observed between the many participants in the process of creating each component of the menu. It is a lively kitchen -almost like a food ballet. I would highly recommend experiencing Providence from the chef's table.

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      You might want to check on the cost of the chef's table first. A group of friends were thinking of doing the chef's table at patina and found out there was a minimum per person. I don't recall the exact price, but it was hefty...something like $300 p/p without wine.

      1. re: venicefoodie

        Nope..not that high per person. You have to get the chef's tasting menu, which is around $150 PP or so to start (depending upon what's fresh it may be a little more) before wine. Fridays and Saturdays, you need at least 4 people in the reservation to book the table. Weekdays, sometimes they'll seat fewer if it's available.

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          thanks everyone.
          other than price, what's the difference between the 9 course market tasting menu and the chefs tasting menu?

          1. re: Muhlyssa

            The 9 course is set, the chef's menu has more than 9 courses, usually, and sort if is done on a whim. it will have some 9 course dishes, and them other stuff. You get more, food and creativity, I think. I enjoyed the chef's tasting very much, but the 9 course is amazing, too. Actually, so is the 5 course

            You really can't go wrong. It just depends upon how much food you can hold and how much cash you're willing to drop on one meal.

        2. re: venicefoodie

          i think the $300 pp for the chef's table was for the 5 X 5 Chef's Collaborative only.

          1. re: diego grace

            Your right! The normal price for the Chef's Table is around 120- pp for food only.

            1. re: russkar

              The chef's table menu was $150 when we went. I think it was like $225 with the wine parings.

              The people with me didn't want to do it, but next time I want to do that menu. We did the 9 course and it was an exceptional dining experience from start to finish.

              I'm not going to gush on about each course of the nine course tasting menu, mostly because I couldn't tell you what was in each but this was overall the best high end dining experience I've had since the world famous Tetsuya's in Sydney. It was on par with Tetsuya's in fact in ways it was better.

              There were a few dishes that were highlights but everything was sublime. The scallops and crab risotto were our favorites.

              The service was perfect, it wasn't too formal and the wait people were very friendly and helpful. We couldn't believe we had been there for four hours because we were having so much fun.

              Because of the high price point don't go there if you or whomever you are with aren't: a) adventurous & b) don't like fish. Duh

      2. Getting the chef's table on short notice will be difficult. Definitely worth doing if you can. Going to a dining event at Providence on Monday. MC is still on top of his game right now, so am looking forward.