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May 20, 2007 07:31 AM

hawkins burger (open again)- my new fave

they are back in business, with 'normal' hours. my friend lives a couple of doors away and we'd been planning to go visit and get the 'hawkins special' which, as reported elsewhere is basically 3 - 8oz patties of REAL meat, none of that prefab stuff; 3 eggs; 2 hot links; ridiculous amounts of bacon and pastrami, pickles, mustard, cheese, and other stuff i can't remember. they are very proud of their creation and asked if we wanted to see it before they wrapped it up. picture attached. the quality is high and flavor great, even if tough to eat. we really had to turn it into two open faced "theme" burgers, one with pastrami, 2 patties, and hot link and the other with eggs, bacon, hot link and 1 patty. knife and fork needed. really great. now, the common misunderstanding is probably that this is the only burger they make, but in fact they have all sizes and types of burgers using these various ingredients mentioned, but a 'junior burger' at a whopping $1.06 all the way up to this thing. a double burger, which is 2 of these 8oz patties--- plenty big--- is only about $4.50. i also had their strawberry bundt cake, which was ridiculously fresh and moist. they also had lemon cake that i'm going back for. seating is basically a few tables out in the sun out front.

they also have breakfast and seemed sure we would think it was sick (good sick).

Hawkins House Of Burgers
(626) 791-2876
2664 Fair Oaks Ave
Altadena, CA 91001

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  1. All that and you left the price of this monstrosity out of your review!

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    1. re: tony michaels

      $12.80. the woman was saying the patties were "8 pounds" each so we interpreted that to mean they were 8oz. i'll double check with them.

      1. re: landru64

        I bet you the whole thing weighs 8 lbs ! Who is gonna cover the action on this?

      2. re: tony michaels

        Original Hawkins is in Compton on Slater. The back side of MLK Hospital. Hawkin's Special IS original. A heart attack waiting to happen. But, it is sloppy good. The best thing on the board is their weekend special (Fri/Sat). 4 wings, fries, biscuit, slices of pickles and can of pop for what used to be $1.99. Went to $2.99 a few years ago. Think it's still around that $$$. Better than M&M's when they were on Washington Blvd. Would recommend calling in orders. Wait is usually loooonnng.

      3. They used to be 1lb patties, i think? I do not know where this description originally came from!

        The "Hawkins" burger consist of three, one-pound ground beef patties. Each pattie has different toppings. Pattie one has 2 Italian sausages with hot chili sauce and cheese. Pattie two has 2 eggs over easy with chili sauce. Pattie three has 1/2 pound of the best pastrami in town with chili sauce. This all comes on a giant bun with divider pieces of bread in between the patties.

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        1. re: Burger Boy

          is the pastrami beef over here? and what about the chili is that also all beef?

          the burgers sounds a little bit like BandR old-fashioned burgers in hawthorne. thanks, sounds good.

        2. Geez - the burger that ate Altadena - run!

            1. Thats INSANE! how the heck do you eat that thing?

              Going to have to try it. Just so I can say I did it.